Stylish Ways to Rock Combat Boots

Big, bulky, and bold, combat boots make a strong statement that’s actually the same bold and casual nature like Birkenstock sandals. Known for being best left for jeans, combat boots are extremely versatile that can take you from casual to dressier style. Combat boots are rugged enough to create an intriguing contrast with soft, feminine clothes and simple enough to work with casual outfits while giving them a slight touch of visual interest. Keep on reading for stylish ways to rock combat boots.

casual chic outfit with combat boots

pink combat boots with jeans retro casual outfit with combat boots

For a casual cool style, denim items are the not-so obvious choice. When wearing skinny jeans with combat boots, it’s going to make your legs look thinner and put all the focus on your seemingly over-sized feet. So, balance things out a bit on the top by adding a long, loose top, like coats, bomber jacket, cardigan, sweater and such. When it comes to boot-cut and flared jeans, they aren’t the best “tucking in” options so leave them on the outside and use the width of your boots to determine which style of top to wear. Both looks are cool and modern, cuffed boyfriend jeans with combat boots give off a laid-back and cool vibe. The right pair of combat boots really depends on your personal style, so consider the color and material. You may also opt for a pair of pink patent boots for a quirky casual style.

asymmetrical dress with combat boots chic outfit with combat boots feminine dress with combat boots

Wear feminine dresses and skirts as your antidote to the masculinity of combat boots. This way, there’s no way around that combat boots are extremely masculine. Go for fuller skirts and flowy dresses for an edgy-chic look. But, if you want a look that’s a bit more modern, try pairing your combat boots with a really frilly, ultra-feminine outfits like sequined tank dresses, sheer tunics, and cocktail dresses with feathery skirts. The look of dress juxtaposed against tough boots that look flattering and unique.

black dress with combat boots

You may channel your gothic style by wearing an all black outfit with black combat boots. You may go for a black dress, black cardigan, black shawl, black tights, and even black accessories to complement your theme.

grunge chic outfit with combat boots grunge outfit with combat boots grunge top with combat boots

For a grunge street style, go for a pair of acid-wash cut-offs or cut-offs with frayed edges that enhances the look. But, if the style is too much for you, you may go for distressed jeans with rips as an alternative. You may also consider wearing tights or leggings when the weather is still a little chilly so you can keep your legs warm. You don’t have to do the tights thing if you’re not into it as you could also go with bare legs. But, patterned tights like fishnet, florals, and stripes do have more than just nostalgia going for them creating a streamlined look with your combat boots. You may also throw a plaid shirt over your shoulders or choose a shirt that nips in slightly at the natural waist and leave it partially unbuttoned.

cyber-chic inspired outfit pink cap with colorful dress stylish pants with colorful jacket

For cyber-chic fashion style, go for metallic options like silver or gold for a powerful statement. Also, patent leather that has a glossy finish that suits to the theme. Colorful, lively, and creative prints like abstract, geometric, futuristic and such are great options to pair with your combat boots.

preppy outfit with combat boots coat with combat boots checkered jumpsuit with combat boots

For a preppy statement, go for more conservative ensembles like sweaters, collared shirts, button-downs, overalls, t-shirts, coats, trench coats and such. Go for backpacks instead of a shoulder bag for a more preppy style. Just top your looks with eyeglasses or stylish preppy eyewear.

As you have seen, combat boots are not that manly or casual depending on how you style them. Feel free to explore styles that suit you and make a bold fashion statement on the streets.



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