Stylish Pieces that Work with a Small Bust

You might not be blessed with plump bosoms, but you need not cry about it! In fact, some clothes can help you in your cause. Fool people into thinking that you have a bigger bust with these stylish pieces.

Peplum Tops and Dresses

Peplums are stylish and shapely wears that cinch the waist. Draw eyes to your tiny midriff – instead of your chest – by wearing waist-emphasizing peplum tops and dresses.

purple peplum dress

white peplum top

Bright Clothes

If dark-colored clothes create a slimming appearance, then brightly-colored outfits can definitely maximize your bust. Take advantage of this effect by hitting the streets in vibrantly-colored clothing.

bright green top

printed coral romper

Flare Pants

Another way to create an illusion of a bigger bosom is to wear flare pants. These bell-shaped trousers can make your waist look tinier and your bust bigger.

pink flare pants

black flare pants

Round Neckline Tops

Pull the people’s attention to your sexy arms and shoulders by donning tees with round necklines. These clothes can place emphasis on your torso – without putting too much attention on your chest.

blue round neckline teeblack round neckline tee

Wide Belts

Accentuating the waist is a great way to make your bust look bigger. Do so by cinching your tops or dresses with wide belts. These corset-style belts can help maximize your chest size.

black wide belt

brown wide belt

Ruffled or Embellished Tops

Tops with ruffles and embellishments can add volume to your chest without going overboard.

white ruffled top

white embellished top

High Neckline Tops and Dresses

You might fancy low necklines, but the truth of the matter is they can draw attention to your hardly-existent bosom. Place good emphasis on your chest by wearing tops and dresses with high necklines.

high neckline dress

Backless Tops and Dresses

Ladies with big bosoms barely get away with backless tops because of the bust support that they need. With a small chest, this should not be your problem. Go for the sultry look this holiday season by wearing backless tops and dresses.

blue backless top

Chunky Scarves

A neat accessory that can boost your bust is a chunky scarf. Wrap one around your neckline to add ‘volume’ to your chest.

plaid chunky scarf

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