Stylish Outfits to Wear to Your City Hall Wedding

If you think going for a City Hall wedding means giving up your dream of being the most gorgeous, most stylish woman on your big day, think again! Here are some super stylish outfits to wear to your City Hall wedding.

  • VINTAGE VIXEN – get the good ol’ Hollywood glam look and feel on your big day by opting for something a little more mod and conservative. Vintage looks are perfect for brides who want a classier alternative to skin-baring dresses as dresses with this style offers pretty good coverage. Throw in a pair of gloves, a hat and perhaps a posh pearl necklace to really complete the look. And don’t forget to do your makeup with a retro flare to match your whole outfit!

vintage glam bridal look

vintage lacey look

  • BOHO BETTER HALF– going for a laidback summer wedding? Let the nice, calm vibe reflect on your look for your big day and go for something chic and easy like a glam Boho look. Summer has always been the best time to go all out on Boho so why not? Bring on the lace, the flower crowns and the strappy lace up sandals and be the most stylish City Hall bride.

Boho bride boho bridal outfit

  • BOUDOIR BRIDE – if you’re going for a sexier look for your City Hall wedding and you want something unique, get on with the trend and do a little boudoir dressing by slipping into a gorgeous slip dress. Top it off with a kimono style cardigan or a trench coat for more coverage if you think the look is too revealing for a wedding outfit and you can take it off afterwards to showcase your stylish bridal look.

sexy slip dress outfit slip dress red carpet kylie

  • CAREFREE CARRIE – whoever said you can’t glam up for a City Hall wedding definitely has not seen Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate City Hall bride! If you’re looking for a glam look that’s perfect for your big day, get inspired by Carrie and do a two-piece ensemble paired up with statement shoes. Want something more girly? Maybe you’d appreciate another iconic Carrie Bradshaw look and opt for a tulle skirt and a dressy top or a blazer instead.

tulle skirt and sweatercarrie inspired outfit carrie bradshaw angelina jolie carrie bradshaw inspired with a modern twist

  • STYLISH SUIT – you don’t have to wear a dress if you don’t want to. It’s your wedding, after all, and you should be able to wear whatever you like and a popular and chic alternative to a dress, especially for City Hall weddings, is a suit for the bride.

suit for the bride suit outfit

  • SHORT AND SWEET – keep your look short and sweet by opting for a cocktail dress. This is a great way to go from wedding to happy hour in a jiffy! Because what’s a better way to celebrate getting hitched than getting happy at happy hour, right?

cocktail dress in white lace cocktail dress with beading details


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