Stylish and Sophisticated Tips on Sheer Clothing

Sheer tops and dresses are undeniably trendy, but you might end up with a major fashion faux pas if you wear them the wrong way. Save yourself from a regrettable style decision by heeding these tips on wearing sheer clothing the stylish and sophisticated way:

elegant sheer attire

It’s All About Layers

This is perhaps the cardinal rule of wearing sheer clothing. Unless you are headed for the beach, thou shall layer your look. That means wearing a tank top or a bandeau underneath a super-sheer top, or perhaps wearing a blazer over a mesh top.

layered sheer attire layered sheer look

Keep it Balanced

If you have a very sheer top, forget mini skirts and shorts. The best bottoms to wear are leggings, trousers or jeans – something that can make up for the upper body skin exposure. Same rule applies for sheer skirts. If you have one, wear it with long-sleeved tops or layer your torso with a jacket or a blazer.

black sheer attire

Choose Embellished Tops

When shopping, set your sights on embellished sheer tops. Go for pieces with embroidery, laces and other adornments. These will make people think that less skin is bared and exposed.

sophisticated sheer top

Don’t Go All Out

If you are not that confident in wearing all-out sheer tops, you don’t have to. There are pieces that reveal skin conservatively. With the right style, you can even wear your traditional bra with the sheer top.

white sheer blouse

sheer black jumpsuit

Pick Printed Sheer Tops

Another good way to enjoy the sheer trend – without revealing too much – is by picking printed sheer tops. These designs and elements can trick the eye. With prints, you don’t have to worry much about what you need to wear underneath.

colorful sheer top

Go For Contrast

Shine in your sheer top by creating a color-contrast outfit. A safe choice is a black and white ensemble.

white sheer top

For a more daring look that is perfect for the coming summer, wear your sheer top with printed pants.

black sheer top

Feminize the Look

If you have a menswear-inspired sheer top, balance the look with a fun, feminine piece. A good example is matching a white button-down sheer top with a flirty skirt.

loose sheer top

black sheer topper

Sheer tops can be skin-revealing, but they can look tasteful with the right styling and accessorizing. By following these tips, you can look stylish and sophisticated – even in ultra-sheer clothing.

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