Styling Tips: Lace-up Heels

Want to look extra sexy, without baring a lot of skin? Then your best bets are lace-up heels. These strappy shoes look extra sultry, and wearing them can enhance any outfit. Look perfect in this glamorous footwear trend by following these styling tips:

With Pants

SinceĀ lace-up heelsĀ have very beautiful details, it is a must that you show them off. In order to do so, you need to wear this footwear with cuffed pants, ankle pants or cropped pants. Any of these pants can help you flaunt your lace-up heels with ease.

monochromatic lace up hee;s

cuffed pants and lace up heels ankle pants and lace up heels

Because lace-up heels are very feminine shoes, they look better with structured, menswear-inspired pieces, such as denims and pants. The pairing creates a beautiful contrast between the artsy shoes and the casual bottoms. When styled rightly, you can even wear these sassy shoes to work.

cuffed pants lace up heels

white lace up heels

With Shorts

Lace-up heels are indeed sexy, but if you want a balanced, sultry look, then wear it with shorts. Like the pants, a structured, itsy-bitsy short can add structure to the over-all look. Choose a simple, no-frills piece or one with rivets. Avoid the lacy or girly shorts for a proportionate appearance.

black lace up booties

white lace up heels with shorts

With Dresses

Look scorching by pairing your lace-up heels with a good dress. Such shoes can breathe a new life to your outfit. It can be a welcome break to your usual appearance, especially if you are fond of wearing the traditional pumps and the classical sandals. For best results, wear your lace-up heels with simple, non-embellished dresses, such as the ones below.

white dress and lace up heels

dress and lace up heels

With Skirts

A skirt is often paired with boots and pumps. But if you want a fresh look, then wear your favorite skirt with a lovely pair of lace-up heels. Obtain a cute, casual look by wearing your lace-up heels with a printed or pleated mini skirt.

skirt and lace up heels

mini skirt and lace up heels

Lace-up heels can be taken to office as well. Just look at the fashion-forward, work-ready ensemble below.

black skirt and lace up heels

Lace-up heels are great alternatives to your boring heels and sandals. Perfect the look by wearing these shoes with the aforementioned bottoms.

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