Styling Spotlight on Erik Daman (wardrobe stylist for Gossip Girl)

Erik Daman, you may not love the show but I bet you’ve admired the wardrobe. Erik Daman is the guy responsible for the gorgeous, enviable styles of the upper east side socialites of  Gossip Girl.

Erik Daman was discovered as a model in Paris by legendary photographer Steven Meisel however his passion for fashion soon took another turn, to television wardrobe styling. It’s no coincidence that Gossip Girl has taken the place of Sex and the City fashion wise, as assisting the great Pat Field while she dressed Carrie was Eric Daman. SATC won their Emmy while Eric was working with them.

Daman has worked on several editorials, everywhere from Visionaire, Rolling Stone and The Spin. The Gossip Girl style also inspired a clothing line with Romeo and Juliet couture. He’s also the style director for Charlotte Russe (what a resume!)

On fashion, Erik said; “Fashion should just be fun it’s entertainment it’s supposed to make people feel great and have a good time”.
His Gossip Girl creations;
Blaire Waldorf in her “marrying a prince” wardrobe, she wears a Jenny Packham dress. I’m pretty much in love with this dress, so beautiful and the cinch at the waist is perfect!
Kate Middleton, another commoner turned royal, has also worn Jenny Packham recently.
Alice and Olivia
Organic John Patrick shorts and Usai blouse
I loved Blaire’s “dictator of good taste”/fashion editor story line. This year the plot has been….sketchy to say the least. I love this outfit, it’s sweet and young and hopeful, also as disciple of skirts and dresses this, shorts and tights, is a style risk! Works well though!
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip- Girl
Serena stuns in a J. Mendel dress.
One of my favourite things about Eric Damans styling is how he works with each characters body type. With Serena it is those bombshell curves (seriously, look at her!?), with Blaire our eye is drawn to that tiny waist and when Jenny Humphrey was still a character it was those slim impossibly long legs.
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for- Gossip-Girl
Stella McCartney sweater, worn as a dress and those Lanvin heels are out of control cool!
 Styling -Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip-Girl
Maxime Simoens Jacket (or the boob top )
Erics mantra is “Twenty percent fashion, eighty percent confidence” I love that, and to wear the above top, you might want to even increase the confidence!
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman- wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip-Girl-g
Joie silk tank, Botega Veneta Ostrich Bag, Mathew Williamson antique beaded vest
This is my favourite look of Serena’s, it’s from Season Three (I think) and I want every single part of it.
Erik Daman speaking about that tank said that the pleats “lengthen and thin”.
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist- for- Gossip-Girl
Vanessa, as a character eugh, but style wise she, or rather Eric, does tribal really well! This is print clashing at it’s best, that jacket is incredible and then with the plaid! Also those booties are very nice!
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik- Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip-Girl-i
This picture of Blaire and Chuck as blissful lovers (how long does that ever last for?!) is lovely not only because Chucks shoes are so snazzy it hurts but because of how Eric has the two in matching pink tones. You know it’s a match made in (fashion) heaven when her Nancy Gonzalez Ostrich Clutch matches his bow tie.
 Styling-Spotlight- on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip-Girl-j
In Hugo Boss
Damans work with the women of the cast is great but it’s his styling of Chuck Bass that has really made him stand out as a wardrobe stylist. Chuck Bass shows us that there is something other than tracksuits or shapeless jeans for teen guys (it just costs a lot…). Eric told Teen Vogue that his favourite character to dress is Chuck Bass.  Eric had this to say to Teen Vogue;
“The revolution of men’s clothing via Chuck Bass and his
dandyism is really exciting, because you can’t beat a man in
a great suit and nice pocket square,”
Styling-Spotlight -on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe-stylist-for-Gossip-Girl-k
Phineas Cole from Paul Stuart suit
Loving the cane, Chuck Bass is, in my opinion, Damans masterpiece!
 Styling-Spotlight-on-Erik-Daman-wardrobe -stylist-for-Gossip-Girl-l
Chuck looks hot (as usual!). I love how Louis is wearily eyeing Chuck up, we know who wins in the fashion stakes anyway!
Just like his old boss Pat Fields before him Erik Damans fame is growing beyond the series, there is talk of a fashion line (I would be excited for that one), he’s written a book (You Know You Want It: Style, Inspiration, Confidence) and is working on his second!
Images via, I’m the It Girl and You Know You Love Me


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