Styles Inspired by Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. As it is the time for many parties and get-togethers, you will surely be influenced by the festive yuletide mood. Transcend the cheer to your clothing with these jovial styles inspired by Christmas.

Santa Claus

For the best Christmas fashion inspiration, think of nobody but St. Nicolas himself. His white-and-red garb is a timeless color pairing you can take from work parties to family get-togethers.
red bodycon dress

red circle skirt

Christmas Tree

No, you don’t have to take the image of the Christmas tree literally. But from here, you can work around a hot look that is reminiscent of the mantelpiece of the holiday season. Achieve the chic Christmas tree look with a green tiered skirt or an embellished top. You can also go with a plain top decorated with a glitzy statement necklace.

black sweater and green skirt

blue top green skirt


The elf is one of the best creatures associated with Christmas. As Santa Claus’ helpers, they create the gifts that the world receives every holidays. Be a stylish little helper by celebrating Christmas in green, red or red-and-white striped clothes.

green blazer red and white top green dress


What is Christmas without gifts? Be the present that everybody is excited to receive with a gift-inspired outfit. A simple outfit with a big bow is one of the best ways to come in as a stylish gift.

black jumpsuit with pink ribbon blue ribbon dress


Be like “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” – only more stylish – with a reindeer-inspired get-up. You don’t necessarily have to wear antlers and a brown over-all, but you can take good fashion cues from these aspects.

orange and brown outfit

For the ravishing reindeer look, wear a mostly-brown attire. For this inspiration, you can also take the cue from one of the season’s hottest trends: suede.

Christmas Ball

The Christmas ball is one of the most versatile inspirations there is, as there is a wide variety of styles and shapes out there. If you want to look stunning and majestic, then wear a sparkly dress.

sparkly silver dress

For a dressier event, go with a beautifully-embroidered dress reminiscent of the beauty of winter.

black lace dress

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