Style Tips from the London Fashion Week 

Londoners are known for their sleek sense of style. With that being said, it comes as no surprise why the London fashion week is one of the most awaited style exhibits of the season. Get the LFW’s distinct trends with these great London fashion week style ideas.

Mix Thy Prints

Matching different prints is tricky. However, you can do it effectively by adding a printed scarf. This London fashion week style, which is seen in other runways as well, is a great way to add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.

printed scarf and dress

floral scarf and striped shirt

Pair Thy Evening Skirt with a Turtleneck

Most people wear their evening skirts with crop tops and embellished blouses. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, then wear it with a turtleneck. This casual-meets-sophisticated trend is a London week fashion style you can practice for several years to come.

turtleneck and evening skirt turtleneck and flowy skirt

Wear Thy Sweater Dress

Spring time is the best time to show your legs. So instead of hiding them under pants, expose your gams by wearing a sweater dress. Get inspired by this London week fashion style and be able to show your sexy side – without revealing it all!

miranda kerr sweater dress white sweater dress

…and Wear Thy Pants too

If you are tired of wearing dresses and skirts to formal events, then you will be glad to know that tailored pants are the new trendsetters for gala dinners and what not. Just wear yours with an elegant top and you can sashay in true London week fashion style at your next formal event.

miranda kerr green pants yellow blazer and printed pants

Belt Thy Parka

While spring offers better weather, there are times when you need to wear your parka. And for those chilly days, it is best if you add dimension to your look by belting your parka. This London fashion week style idea is more than chic, as it can create an hourglass look despite the thickness of the parka.

green parka with gold belt belted green parka

Mismatch Thy Earrings

A unique London week fashion style to take this spring is the ‘mismatched earrings.’ As the name suggests, it is as easy as wearing two different styles of earrings. With this look, you can add pizzazz to your outfit – no matter how simple it might be!

olsen mismatched earrings mismatched earrings

Wear a Long and Skinny Scarf

Scarves are great accessories – no matter what the season might be. But for springtime, it is best if you kept your chunky scarves – and went ahead with long and skinny ones. Although this London fashion week style idea is best for warmer seasons, you can go ahead and try it in the colder seasons too.

long skinny scarf long colorblock scarf

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