5 Style Lessons you can get from the Movie “Clueless”

Released in 1995, “Clueless” is a coming-of-age film that emanates to fashion people until now. It opened the eyes of many, especially with regards to style lessons. Now a decade old, it is considered a fashion film by many. It comes with many style lessons, some of which can inspire you with your current OOTDs.

Preppy is Cool

For most people, preppy fashion was often reserved for school. But with Cher and Dionne’s liberal use of preppy fashion, many ladies realized that preppy can be cool! Like the movie protagonists, you can pull of their preppy style lessons by incorporating unique items into the mix. A sophisticated top or a tailored accessory here and there can elevate your preppy look to a fashion blog-worthy level.

clueless preppy outfit

clueless outfit preppy outfit

The White Top is the Answer to Anything

Of all the style lessons in the world, this one thing cannot be refuted: the white top rules. Whether you are headed to school or an upscale business meeting, a white top can help you create a fashionable look. Like the girls of Clueless, the best way to rock your white shirt is to wear it with unique fashion items. Layer it up or knot the ends – the possibilities are endless with a white top!

clueless accessory white tee outfit

Live a Life of Color

Black, blue, and beige are safe colors for any outfit. But if you are bent on picking up Clueless style lessons, then know that you shouldn’t be afraid to live a life of color. Pick a fuchsia pink, bright yellow, or cobalt blue item to go with your usual outfit. A shocking shade will definitely jolt your plain, boring outfit.

clueless colorful outfit
bright yellow jacket

Minimalism Rules

Granted that minimalistic fashion has reemerged in the past few seasons, Clueless style lessons have showed many that simple is always in! While accessorizing and haute couture items are splendid, nothing beats the uncomplicated look of minimalist fashion. To keep your outfit from becoming too boring, it wouldn’t hurt to throw some awe-inspiring items into the mix every now and then.

cher minimalist outfitminimalist outfit

Accessorizing Rocks

Yes, a minimalist fashion will do you good, but it wouldn’t hurt to accessorize every so often. In fact, this is one of the best style lessons you can get from the movie Clueless. Cher’s fluffy pen, or Dionne’s Dr. Seuss hat can be too much for you, but you know the drill. Don’t forget to inject some attention-grabbing accessories into your outfit. This can help upgrade your look from plain Jane to fashionable Fiona.

clueless accessories clueless white shirt accessorized outfit

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