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I have to share with you one of my most incredible girl crushes, Marie Antoinette. It was love at first sight. The first time I saw her was in a history book aged eleven and despite our teachers not so complimentary description of her, I was bewitched. I even got to play her at our drama lesson that week, nobody else wanted to, but I loved it! I milked my one line for all it was worth “Let them eat cake”, it was beautiful ha! Speaking of, my twitter background is a Marie Antoinette illustration too!Marie Antoinette Queen Of Style


The head piece is stunning and the pearls intertwined in her locks aren’t bad either.


That tulle

You can imagine my delight when I first saw the film Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. With wide eyed wonder I stared at her dresses, was awed by her hair, drooled over the pretty food (especially those macaroons!) and wished that I too could be a teenage queen because it is now one of my lifes ambitions to Party at Versailles.  The film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design and boy did they deserve it!Style-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-kirsten dunstStyle-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-Of-Style


Marie Antoinette in one of the many icons of French Style, along side the likes of Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Edith Piaf and others, however Marie Antoinette wasn’t even French she was Austrian. Gives the likes of me who long to emulate the French panache hope!

Versailles was a theater of fashion. Everyone was playing a part, and their clothes, outrageous costumes really, were the keys to the piece. Louis XIV, the master of Versailles, invented high heels while Marie Antoinette shocked the public with her insane spending and occasionally improper and provocative looks. Everything, especially the hall of mirrors, was designed to reflect and flatter the beauty of the King and Queen.


I really like this Wildfox Couture SS 11 lookbook, inspired by Antoinette of course!
(GREY HAIR!)Wildfox Couture SS 11 lookbook Wildfox Couture SS
“My Boyfriends A Prince!”-love it. That hair, those glasses and the gloves…
” Like Marie Antoinette, she looks at the style-hungry and says, “Oh fashion? It’s a piece of cake”. As put by Véronique Vienne in “French Style”
 Style-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-Of-Style-j Style-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-Of-Style-i Style-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-Of-Style-h Style-Icon-Marie-Antoinette-Queen-Of-Style-l
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