Style Icon: James Dean

It was love at first sight, my heart, it did that thing where it makes a bid to leave me and go live with the object of it’s affections. Usually it only does this for clothes, here it did it for both the clothes and the face. Style-James-Dean


Lets all take a moment to admire the face first before we look at the clothes.
“I can’t believe how you looked at me with your James Dean glossy eyes” Lady Gaga
His style staples, leather bomber jacket, jeans and a white t shirt are all still popular today.
“The damaged but beautiful soul of our time” as described by Andy Warhol
James Dean died in a car crash aged twenty four and is forever youthful as the original teenage rebel.
 james dean style 1
While his style was always recognizable he often switched up his hair, I like the quiff!
Cigarettes were often the final touch to his looks.
 james dean style
James Dean is a style icon because if he were around today he’d be wearing the exact same clothes. His style was and is timeless and therefore speaks to every generation of  disaffected youth.

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