Stunning Spring Lipsticks You Need in Your Beauty Bag

Along with the changing of the season, our preference for makeup looks change as well. The colder days of fall and winter often call for darker makeup and, often, heavier makeup looks while the warmer days of spring and summer would usually call for lighter makeup but trends nowadays are changing the way we choose what to wear with the seasons. Lipstick is one of the few makeup products that can really change up your look. Just a swipe of color can instantly change your mood as well. Here are some stunning spring lipsticks you need in your beauty bag for spring.

  • DEEP FUCHSIA – because plain fuchsia has become… well… plain. If you’re looking for a shocking pink color to sport on your lips for spring this year, go for deep fuchsia. This nice and vibrant color is sure to make a statement out of your lips so they’re perfect on days when you don’t want to dress up too much but still want to look super glam.

deep fuchsia lip color

deep fuchsia lips deep fuchsia

  • BUBBLEGUM PINK – if bold and bright pink isn’t your thing, though, or if you’re simply not in the mood for something as loud as deep fuchsia, you might want to consider going for bubblegum pink instead. It’s softer and a bit tamer than deep fuchsia but it still gives you that nice, girly and chic look. Choose a bubblegum pink hue that has a blue undertone to it to make sure that your pearly whites remain white.

bubblegum pink bubblegum pink lips

  • HOT CORAL – bright orange may have been last spring’s biggest trend as far as lip color is concerned but this year, hot coral is taking the spotlight. Though vaguely similar to bright orange, hot coral has a warmer tone to it and a sexier look that’s not too bold but still has that come hither vibe. This color is perfect for completing your date night look but you can most definitely wear it during the day as well.

hot coral lip color hot coral lips hot coral

  • CANDY ROUGE – of course, no matter how many new colors come out, there will always be those who will want to stick to the classic red and, really, there’s nothing wrong with that but if you love red so much, why not give the candy rouge red a try? This bright and vibrant shade of red is sure to make your pout prettier. It’s a great shade of red to opt for during the daytime if you’re aiming for the classic red lip minus the super sexy vibe.

popsicle red lip color popsicle red lipstick


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