Studs Obsession

Studs Obsession

Saying I’m in love with all things studded is a bit of an understatement; I have a slight obsession with the embellishment if I’m honest, if it’s studded then more than likely I’ll buy it.

I’m probably as far away from being rock n’ roll as you can get, but there’s something effortlessly edgy yet classic about studs that make them such a foolproof fashion for me.


Now, I’m guessing some of you may think I’ve taken my obsession a step too far by embellishing my nails with them and I did when I first applied them.

It’s odd having knobbly nails to start with but they’ve grown on me over the weekend.

All I can say now is that I think they ROCK!
Studs Obsession1
I’m rubbish at anything creative beautywise so if you think it looks tricky, its not.

All you need are Andrea Fulerton’s Gold Nail Studs which I purchased from Superdrug for around £5, your base coat and a clear nail polish.

My nails are Shellac’d so I didn’t need to paint them, I just applied a clear polish on top and while wet used the sucker stick they come with to pick up the studs and place them where I wanted.

When that was dry I went over the top of them again with the clear polish to set them, simples!
Studs Obsession2
Moving onto something entirely non beauty related but definitely stud related, my new bargain bag arrived on Saturday.

Dubbed the ‘Focco‘ by Laura, this Alexander Wang inspired *cough* ripoff is a stud lovers must have!!
Studs Obsession3
It may be made from pleather in China and cost just under £30 but this bag is so good that I’ve discarded my designer handbags and am proud to have this baby on my arm instead, for now anyway!
Studs Obsession5
I chose the grey shade which is slightly lilac as I’ve been after one this colour for yonks and refused to add yet another tan (another obsession) bag to my collection.

I purchased mine from this seller and it was shipped very fast, arriving in less than two weeks. I have seen UK sellers with this bag too though.

What do you think about studded fashion trend ?

Studded nails :

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Studded Denim :studded jeanscool studded shorts diy studded shortsstudded shirt

Studded Leather :

studded bag studded leather jacket studded leather skirt

You can find anything with studs on them now-shorts, shoes, handbags, bracelets, shirts, jackets, etc. I really like the stud detailing on shorts and handbags in particular. It’s always nice to add a little edge to a girly/feminine outfit and show some contrast.

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