Street Style Outfit Ideas from Soko’s Wardrobe

Rocking out not only in the music scene but also in fashion.

She has been active in the French show business for more than a decade but French chanteuse Soko has only caught the eye of the people in the other side of the Atlantic recently. Soko’s personal style was a breath of fresh air in the front rows of Chanel, Giambattista Valli, and Lanvin in the Paris Fashion Week last March. And she is also the new style ambassadress of Chanel.

Soko’s style is very distinct and so contradictory to the stereotypical French girl style that consists mainly of effortlessness and minimalism. Soko takes an experimental approach with her wardrobe mixing vintage apparels with the most elegant designer pieces.

Her outfits always have this sense of undone order that makes it so authentic and refreshing. With all the love and rave for minimalist style these days, maximalist fashionistas haven’t got the attention they certainly deserve. And for those who, like the ever-experimenting Soko, are trying out maximalist style this spring, here are some street style outfit inspos from Soko that you can try out.

  1. It’s surprising how Soko’s boho look is different from Coachella queen, Vanessa Hudgens’, and Soko’s usual looks for that matter in a sense that there isn’t a lot of accessories incorporated into it. Rather, Soko used earthy tones and flowing and loose articles of clothing for that relaxed boho silhouette.
    Soko bohemian look
  2. Layering neck accessories may have turned out to be a fairly difficult thing to pull off. But if you plan on doing so, follow Soko’s move and pair out accessories that are in similar colors, if not neutral ones.
    Soko layered outfit
  3. We all have those vintage dresses that we can’t seem to pair beautifully with any of our boutique and designer clothes. Take Soko’s cue and incorporate such vintage dresses with timeless pieces and clothes that don’t scream modern and sleek.
    Soko floral dress
  4. It’s hard to pull off statement scarves but a great way to do so is by putting your statement scarf together with a monochromatic outfit with a color that’s complementary to the color of your statement scarf.
    Soko plaid scarf
  5. Finding other ways to dress grunge? Here’s a simple outfit inspiration from Soko. Pull on a band tee and a pinstripe cuffed pants and accessorize with a spiked bag and a choker.
    Soko band tee
  6. Whoever said that you can’t pull off a golden blazer? So long as you dress it with neutral colors like black and white.
    Soko gold blazer
  7. Wide brim hats are often accessorized in a loose or Bohemian outfit. But like Soko, you can put a twist in it and wear it with a tailored and sleek look. It actually adds a little edgy elegance to it.
    Soko brim hat and floral coat dress
  8. Admittedly, fur is not one of the easiest fabrics to pull off glamorously. And if you are the type who is bold enough to wear one, you can. I suggest keeping the rest of your clothes muted or a dark neutral color for this. But you can’t deny its appeal when worn in a retro look.
    Soko fur vest and animal print
  9. Victorian-inspired clothes have become increasingly popular this year. And this Victorian inspired dress Soko wore for the Cannes Film Festival 2016 is a beautiful and romantic look with its flowing silhouette and lightweight fabric.
    Soko Victorian dress
  10. Soko puts a sleek yet organic twist to the preppy school girl outfit with this black and white blouse and plaid skirt outfit.
    Soko black and white

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