Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera

There’s something about cream blushes which I just love. In my opinion, they give you the type of natural glow that no powder blush can, regardless of how much glitter and shimmer they boast. For this very reason I tend to use cream blushes a lot more during the summer months. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me upload a picture of the newest addition to my cream blush collection in the form of Stila’s Convertible Color. Admittedly I’m no stranger to cream blushes having tried MAC, Topshop, NYX and Une cream blushes. However, Stila’s Convertible Color is not just a cream blush. It boasts something none of the other aforementioned brands do, the ability to be used as both a lipstick and cream blush. Although it can be used as a lipstick, it’s best used as a blush and has quickly become one of my all time favourite cream blushes!


Convertible-Color-in-Gerbera-by-Stila Stila-Gerbera-Convertible-Color Stila-Convertible-Color-in-Gerbera-swatch





I simply adore the packaging: cute, girlie and instantly recognisable. Unlike a lot of brands (I’m looking at you Topshop and MAC), Stila have usefully matched the packaging to each individual shade, therefore making it easy to see which shade of blush you’re reaching for. Inside the compact they’ve also included a mirror, making on the go touch-ups even easier. Unlike Topshop cream blushes which dry to a powder finish, Stila’s creamy Convertible Color’s transfer a gorgeous glossy sheen onto the cheeks which stays put and glossy. I team it with my Real Techniques stippling brush (although fingertips work just as well) which transfers just the right amount of product from pan to cheek using a dabbing motion. If you swirl the brush in the product like many do with powder blush, you run the risk of applying far too much product than desired, especially when a little goes a long way like it does with this product. Gerbera sits perfectly between pink and peach. On me it tends to lean either way: more pink when I’m pale and more peachy when I have a tan. Either way, Gerbera is undeniably a beautiful shade and one that I’ve been reaching for constantly when the sun decides to show its face! 


Next on my Stila shopping list is Petunia!

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