St Tropez SPF 30 For Face And Body Review

Hello again friends! Here is my review for St. Tropez SPF 30 For Face and Body!


St Tropez New SPF 30 For Face And Body

It is almost august and we are well into summer, although we haven’t seen very much sun here in the UK, people vacating abroad becomes popular around this time too, so i thought it would be a good Idea to review these St Tropez face and body lotions Which come in at £20 for the body Lotion 150ml and £15 for the Face Cream 50ml. Defiantly on the pricier side than most SPF’s out there. Now I’m glad that St Tropez went ahead and decided to make sun protection available because being one of the top brands for fake tan they must have by now realized that people who like to fake tan also enjoy a real tan too whilst also staying protected which is why they have included a tan enhancer which they call ‘MELANOBRONZE’ in all of their SPF’s.

St Tropez released these creams in March 2011 and I had taken both of these products away on holiday in Portugal in June with me so I am now able to give a full depth review in case any of you are looking for an SPF to take on holiday with you or if you are hesitating about these products because of the price tag!

SPF 30 Body Lotion
Firstly, I am quite the fusspot when it comes to sun lotions as I hate the feeling and the application of some of them, nobody likes that white cast and greasy look but when out in the sun SPF is very important! My first impression of this product was the packaging, a beautiful matte metallic gold color, it certainly stands out from the usual sun creams I defiantly enjoyed pulling this out of my beach bag. The bottle its self was also very light and didn’t take up too much room so I didn’t mind carrying it around with me to reapply. I found that the packaging became quite soft in the heat, which then made the product inside very runny, but because of the squeezable tube it wasn’t a problem getting the last bit of product out of it. Sometimes I would forget how runny the lotion was and kept spilling it or squeezing too much out which makes a difference from whacking a hard plastic bottle trying to get the last bit of the product out. The lotion is incredibly spreadable I found that I didn’t need that much to get a decent full body coverage. The smell of the lotion has a beautiful, summery, floral fragrance and it isn’t too overpowering.

The product does come out very white and needs blending a bit for it to disappear, but once blended it doesn’t leave a greasy, sticky feel to the skin, but more of a firm feeling when you touch it, It is also surprisingly moisturizing too! Now I know you are all wanting to know if the tan enhancer really works and the answer is yes, but it didn’t notice my tan going as dark as I thought it would with this cream, so it was quite a disappointment. It may be because I have olive skin to begin with and tan quite easily, so people with fairer skin may notice more of a differently than I did. I think the added tan enhancer is a bonus because it encourages people why may not wear sun protection at all in fear that it will stop them tanning, to start wearing it.

SPF 30 Face Cream
This product has to be the winner for me, it has the same smell as the body lotion, but the consistency is a bit thicker than the body lotion and more of a velvety texture. When applied it blends out easier than the body lotion and doesn’t leave your face shiny and sticky. I also found that it helps my makeup to stay on longer and I use this every day as a moisturizer even when I’m not in the sun. I tend to burn quicker on my face and did not burn at all with this cream. It also has the same gradual tan ingredient as the body lotion so your getting an all over even tan.

Would i repurchace?
I think the price tag for these products are a little steep, especially as I get the same results from the Piz Buin SPF with enhancer for a lot cheaper, but the overall feel of this product is a lot nicer on the skin than any other cream that I have tried so I guess I would repurchase the body lotion every time I went on holiday as I only go once a year and the product lasts a long time even when replaying during the day, so It’s a good investment! As for the face cream I am definitely going to keep repurchasing this to use in England under my makeup as my everyday SPF/Moisturizer!

St Tropez SPF products can be found at St Tropez, Boots or Head To Toe Shop(Currently on offer £17 for body and £12.75 for the face).


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