Spring Fashion Trends Worth Trying 

Contrary to popular beliefs, spring fashion trends are not just about unwearable haute couture pieces. There are actually a handful of attires that you can wear – without worrying about looking ‘silly.’ Look as beautiful as the blooming flowers around you by trying these noteworthy spring fashion trends.

Button-Front Skirts

The 70’s is making a huge comeback by way of button-front skirts. Worn by the hottest celebs of today – from Poppy Delevingne to Alexa Chung – button-front skirts are some of the many spring fashion trends worth trying. What’s great about this item is that it comes in a variety of lengths, cuts, and styles. So even if you are on the petite or plus-size side of the fashion spectrum, you can still enjoy this spring fashion piece.

button down skirt

mini button down skirt

Denim Dresses

Dresses are the biggest spring fashion trends of today. But with the many styles out there, the outstanding garment proves to be the denim dress. Like the button-front skirt, this outfit gives you a blast from the past – in a tasteful manner, of course. Wear is at it is – or with a blazer or cardigan – there is simply no wrong way to wear this popular spring craze.

a-line denim dress denim dress and jacket


If you are looking for spring fashion trends that are both stylish and versatile, then a bandana is what you need. This cheap thrill is the perfect spring accessory, as you can wear it around your neck, hair, or hips. Talk about getting multiple looks with just one fashion piece.

brown bandana blue neck bandana bag with bandana

Long Skinny Scarf

Another item you ought to include in your list of spring fashion trends is the long skinny scarf. A stylish alternative from the usual bulky scarf, it can add an air of sophistication to any wardrobe. Do try to know the many ways it can be worn for multiple looks (ala bandana.)

printed skinny scarf long skinny scarf

Cloth Belts

Also known as Judo belts, these accessories are simple spring fashion trends that can revamp your look. Whether you are wearing a shift dress or an oversized button-down shirt, a judo belt can cinch your waist –  thereby making you look ‘more feminine.’ What’s great about this spring trend is that it doesn’t come with a preset size. It can help you cinch your curves excellently  – even if you are a size 12!

judo belt blue judo belt


Suede is one of the few spring fashion trends considered ‘scary’ by many. But as long as you know how to bring this with grace, you can rock suede like an off-duty model.

brown suede coat red suede shoes

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