Spring Fashion Style Essentials

Spring is just right around the corner. With that being said, it is time to graduate from winter style and march towards a carefree spring style. Be as blooming as the flowers around you with these spring fashion style essentials that can elevate your total fashion look.

Boho Blouse

Spring fashion style is all about casual, laidback pieces. Of course, one of the best ways to channel these auras is to wear a boho blouse. Loose and ethereal, this top is best worn with structured pants or a skintight skirt. Any of these skimpy pieces will help balance the volume of the boho blouse.

colorful boho blouse

purple boho blouse

A-Line Skirt

Spring is the time to feel and look girly. Let out the inner diva in you by sashaying around town in an A-line skirt. This must-have spring fashion style essential is truly versatile. You can wear this to every occasion, as long as you pair it with right top.

printed a-line skirt floral a-line skirt

Leather Coat

Coats are important for every season. However, the leather coat is the best for spring fashion style. Seen on the Prada 2015 spring runways, this topper can keep you warm and sleek. Since this is a fashion statement on its own, you need not dwell much on what to wear underneath.
black leather trenchcoat

High Gladiator Sandals

Aren’t you glad it’s almost spring? In just a few days, you can finally wear your gladiator sandals! But for spring fashion style, it’s not enough that you wear your usual, low gladiator sandals. If you want to make a mark – and emerge as a unique fashionista – then make sure to wear high gladiator sandals. Of course, remember to flaunt these shoes by wearing a short or a mini skirt.

gold gladiator sandals black gladiator sandals

Sculptural Earring

Spring fashion style is all about style and structure. As such, it is essential that you wear a geometric accessory, such as a sculptural earring. This sleek jewel can make you look elegant – even if you are just wearing a simple dress.

gold sculptural earrings

Printed Scarf

A scarf is a spring fashion style essential. But you don’t have to limit your style to chunky, boring scarves. Be in tune with the blossoming flowers by decorating your neck (your hair, even your waist) with a printed scarf. With the right style and color, a printed scarf can add life to a lackadaisical wardrobe.

red printed scarf pink and green scarf

Long Strap Bag

Short strap bags are out, long strap bags are in! Well, that’s at least for spring fashion style. These purses maybe casual, but they can elevate your look to a whole new level.

brown long strap bag leather long strap bag

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