Sophisticated Styles of Wearing Bermuda Shorts

Though may be deemed as tourist or “mom” shorts, Bermuda shorts are knee-length shorts that can flatter any body type especially for those who are hesitant on showing much of their thighs but wanted some comfort offered by shorts. These shorts are surprisingly versatile as you could wear them to the office can transition easily from work to friends night out.

When worn the right cut for your body shape, Bermuda shorts can look good on you. If you have a petite frame, solid colored Bermuda shorts that hit just above the knee elongate your legs. If you’re pear-shaped, wear Bermuda shorts that get a little stretch so that they glide comfortably over curves and taper at the bottom. If straight is your frame, wear high-waisted and pleated Bermuda shorts create curves as long as the hemline end just above the knees. If you carry more weight in your stomach, disguise the extra weight at your tummy with low-waisted Bermuda shorts with bold prints. And in general, nude shoes elongate your legs so better opt for one.

formal bermuda shorts

gray suit bermuda shorts suit and bermuda shorts

For professional office wear, a pair of Bermuda shorts and suit or blazer is a refreshing twist. You could wear a matching neutral color of your shorts and suit for a more formal look. Or, just wear a solid black Bermuda shorts with a white top with sleeves or throw on a white blazer. Complete the outfit with footwear like classic pumps, stilettos, and even formal sandals and classic jewelry in gold or silver.

black bermuda shorts dressy bermuda shorts yellow bermuda shorts

For a dressy casual look, you may wear feminine tops like sleeveless, printed, plunging neckline, and even sheer styles to match on your Bermuda shorts. With a pair of Bermuda shorts in a solid color, wear a printed or crochet top to add interest to your style. On the contrary, if you’re wearing Bermuda shorts with prints, opt for a plain top. Classic pumps always look good with Bermuda shorts that are ideal for a night walk in the town. Just complete the style with chunky bracelets, clutch, and sunglasses.

black sweater black tee casual sweater green bermuda shorts fashion runners pink shirt yellow bermuda shorts white bermuda shorts

For a basic and casual style, you may sport tops like sweaters, knitwear, graphic tees, tank tops, plain shirts, and even leather tops. For footwear options, clogs, mules, ballet flats, and sandals are great for long walks. If you like to add some sporty punch to your Bermuda shorts, then sport your fashion runners to achieve that look.

4. high waisted bermuda shorts bermuda shorts stripes top

If you want to give off some sexy vibe, then sport crop tops with Bermuda shorts. If the idea of crop top fills you with dread, but you still wish to partake in summer style, opt for a high waist Bermuda shorts so you wouldn’t bare your midriff but still look alluring and trendy. Also, if you love layers, be creative in spotting for a printed Bermuda shorts to pair with your layered blouse for an artistic style.

Make that wonderful balance of feminine and manly style by pulling off Bermuda shorts in your street wear. Prove that these “plain” and “unflattering” knee-length shorts will look sophisticated if styled right and get the comfort of wearing shorts in a more conservative way.

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