Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush Review

I love finding inexpensive substitutes for high-end quality products. One of my favorite tools is my Sonia Kashuk hairbrush from Target. It caught my eye because of the striking resemblance to the Mason Pearson brushes. For those who have never had the pleasure of using a MP, it is the gold standard of hairbrushes. It’s wonderful to use. It’s also over $100.

Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush

The Mason Pearson Mixture Brush

One of the things that makes the Mason Pearson so fantastic is the mix of boar bristles (for smoothing and redistributing oils) and nylon bristles (for detangling).  The Sonia Kashuk also has the combination, arranged in the same manner as the MP.

Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush-2

 Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush
 I’ve always wanted a MP brush, after having the chance to borrow a friend’s, but the steep price tag has kept me from taking the plunge.  I lose hairbrushes too often to invest in one so expensive.  I get annoyed at myself for losing a $10 brush.  I can only imagine the irritation I’d feel if I misplaced one ten times that!
So I saw this one in the stores, looking eerily similar to the MP, for a scant $14.95, and decided to give it a try.  The first thing I noticed, after removing the brush from the plastic packaging, was the smell.  The brush stank of chemical reek.  I had to put it in the other room to “gas out” a bit before I tried it on my hair.  The scent did dissipate after a few hours, and after trying it, I was hooked.  The SK preforms as closely to a MP as I’ve ever experienced.  It’s not quite as good, but the savings totally compensate for the lower quality.  I’ve been gifted with more expensive brushes, including one $30 brush that sits in a bottom drawer and never sees the light of day because it’s awful for my hair.  The SK blows all the other brushes away, coming in just behind my coveted MP.
However, what really makes the SK shine is that every member of my family uses and loves this brush.  My daughter has fine, thick hair full of body that snarls easily, and this brush moves through her length so smoothly that the tangles seem to melt away.  We no longer fight when I tell her to brush her hair.  My husband’s coarse, thick, wavy hair usually frizzes if he tries to use a brush, but the SK leaves his hair well-behaved and neat.  I love the shine that the boar bristles give my fine, thick, straight hair.  In fact, we’re going to have to buy another Sonia Kashuk hairbrush because we keep fighting over mine!

If properly cared for, a Mason Pearson can last a lifetime.  A Sonia Kashuk most assuredly will not.  In fact, if you add up the cost of replacing the SK every few years, a MP brushwould be cheaper.  However, you can rest assured that you won’t go stark raving mad if you accidentally leave your SK behind in a hotel room during vacation (who hasn’t done that?), or you find your 5-year-old using the hairbrush to groom the cat (OK, this one might be just me).

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