Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick Review

Hello to all! here is my Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick Review : Red my lips,naked beige , perfect day  swatches .

Continuing with reviews of my now-not-so recent Soap & Glory cosmetics purchases; today focuses on their small collection of Super-Colour Fabulipsticks. The boxes depict a lady riding a lipstick! Make-up boxes tend to be quite boring (not a bad thing considering they are meant to be thrown away) so this is very refreshing, and very much in keeping with the Soap & Glory brand.


I particularly appreciate the additional touch of the S&G logo carved into the side of the bullets. The actual lipstick casing feels a little bland bland, but, that being said, the plastic casing does feel very well made. The lid closes very securely with a very satisfying click that reassures me of their durability in the bottom of a handbag. It is not the most eye-catching of designs perhaps, but it seems to keep the lipstick safe which is the most important thing.

Soap and Glory Super-Colour Fabulipsticks swatches : Red my lips,naked beige , perfect day


Now, when I purchased these a couple of months back there were no testers available in the store, and I felt uncomfortable opening up the packaging in front of the security guard (who was hovering very close to me) so I threw one of each into my basket and shuffled along. When I finally did have the opportunity to look at the actual lipstick colours, I must admit I was a little disappointed. I can’t help but feel that the colours S&G have chosen here will not appeal to the majority of their younger fans because they seem quite brown based to me.

The redeeming quality of these lipsticks is undoubtedly the formula. They have a traditional rich texture that feels very creamy on the lips and gives a hint of shine without shimmer or frost. I tend to prefer light, weightless, feeling lipsticks so I was taken back by how much I enjoyed this slightly heavy texture. All three shades are highly pigmented and wears well – over 4 hours for the two more pigmented colours – without my lips feeling dry or uncomfortable. For those sensitive to fragrances, these lipsticks do have a scent – I can just about detect a faint whiff of vanilla or chocolate every time I use them. The colours are wearable enough, but they do look dull against my naturally sallow complexion. There are only three shades in the range so far, but I hope more (exciting!) colours will follow in time.

Price: £9.00/3.5g

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