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Soap & Glory Review

Soap&Glory Review

Hi Ladies! Today we have a little brand review for you! Recently, the brand Soap&Glory became available in our local Sephora and ever since, we’ve been obsessed (as you can see. The sad part is, this is only Claire’s collection!) Anyways, we decided to give you a run-down on why everyone is raving about these products.

Soap&Glory Review2

1) Packaging- It is no secret that these puppies are adorable. They have vintage black and white photos on them, clever names, and our favorite Lipglossary Pink! What’s not to love?!?
2) Smell- All of the products in this picture are the signature Soap&Glory Smell, “original pink” and it is so amazing! The description on each product varies a bit, but the best way to describe it is, in Soap&Glory’s words, “lemon balm, marshmallow extracts, and shea butter.” Honestly no description is just, so go smell it next time you’re at Sephora. I also love how you can get such a variety of products in one scent– bubble bath, body wash, two scrubs, two lotions, a perfume and a hand cream! What more could you want!?
3) Effectiveness- These products are the most moisturizing products that we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot). They are so hydrating, and when put together, it is heaven.
4) Cost- Although it is a bit more than I would usually spend, I think the prices are perfect. It is more than a drugstore brand, but it is less than Lush, Body Shop, and other body care brands sold at Sephora. (I mean look at the prices of brands like Kate Somerville and Philosophy). The prices range from $16-22. Honestly, I think it’s worth every penny. A lot of the products are 16 fluid ounces, and they last so long! I’ve had the Clean on Me body wash since January, and by June it is still going strong. Look at how much is left! (if you’re wondering the Righteous Butter next to Clean on Me also comes in 16 fl but I have a smaller size I got in a kit) And, if you’re not sure, you can try some products out in a mini size for only $5. (Like the three in the end).
Anyways, we hope you enjoyed! We love Soap&Glory and can’t wait to try more. If you have tried it out, comment down below recommending some things- we love hearing from you!
Sloane and Claire