Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub – Review

Soap and  Glory Sugar Crush body scrub – Review :

Hi everyone, today is product review day! and i am sharing Soap & Glory today, i have had this stored away for many moons but its time to crack open this beautiful smelling scrub and share my feelings.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush2


Soap & Glory Sugar Crush3

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush4

This Sugar Crush body scrub comes in at £8, so is by now means cheap, but there is so much product it will last a year and a day. Scented with mashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains, it smells to me a bit limey mixed with coca cola.This is fairly grainy but not in huge chunks and has plenty of oil which leaves a residue on the skin but nothing compared to others, and in fact feels slightly moisturised. This is sweet, fresh and perfect for these summer months (hence why i waited so long to open it.

In conclusion, Soap and  Glory Sugar Crush body scrub is another beautiful s&g product, that smells divine and does a grand job.


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