Sleek Make-Up be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light Review

I am excited to be sharing with you today the much awaited new BB Cream on the block…
Sleek Make-Up be beautiful Blemish Balm
Being a huge BB Cream fan myself i was really very excited when this landed on my desk last week, especially as its from one of my all time favourite drugstore/highstreet brands!
Sleek Make-Up be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light
Sleek Make-Up be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light Review Sleek Make-Up be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light-backpackaging Sleek Make-Up be Beautiful Blemish Balm in Light-swatched
So lets start by finding out what is inside this new BB Cream
Enriched with red algae extract which provides anti ageing properties and protein peptides that work to repair the skin, this tube of wonder contains Vitamin C that brightens the complexion leaving your skin with a youthful and luminous finish whilst the Vitamin E protects the skin from early stages of UV light damage and reduces the formation of free radicals that could lead to premature ageing. The jojoba oil provides a moisturising formula that creates a smooth and flawless base, concealing imperfections whilst preventing discolouration and dehydration lines.
Containing SPF15, this multi functional BB Cream not only works hard to nourish and conceal imperfections it also protects the skin from harmful rays.
OK so now that bits out the way lets get onto the packaging and product itself.
Lets start with the packaging…black and sleek (no pun intended) very traditional of Sleek Make-Up packaging and in a very handy squeezy tube which i have to say i love! A generous amount of 50ml of product which is fab and the outer box packaging gives an overall more luxurious feel i think.
Now onto the product itself. First of all i noticed that this BB Cream really is different to any of the UK drugstore/hightstreet BB Creams i have tried in the past as it really is much thicker which really does mimic the original eastern BB Creams! Sleek Make-Up really have tried hard with this one and wanted to make sure it gave enough coverage to be worn alone as a tinted moisturiser…complete props to them as that is exactly what it does, in fact i think it provides a lot more coverage than a tinted moisturiser its much more of a very light coverage foundation which is super moisturising. What is great with this product is that it is very buildable, you can apply the BB Cream and wait for the cream to settle before applying a second layer. It can also be used as a concealer so what i like to do is apply one layer wait for it to settle then just re apply to the areas that need more attention like the redness on my cheeks or any blemishes!
I have a normal to dry skin type so for me how moisturising this product is is brilliant however for those with an oily skin type i think you may need to be careful. It is a very dewy finish BB Cream and i found even with my dry skin type i did need to powder it and throughout the day it did become a lot more dewy even slightly oily on my skin so again i did need a top up of powder. If you like the dewy finish then it gives a gorgeous glow. It sits much nicer on my skin when the days are not so hot..we have had some lovely weather in London over the past few days and it did slide slightly which was a little disappointing!
This BB Cream is also said to be great used as a primer so i thought i would give it a go and i have to say i like it so so so much more as a primer. It didn’t slide and it kept my usual foundation in place all day and added a stunning glow to the skin!
What i love most about this BB Cream is the coverage as it is so unlike any other BB Cream out on the highstreet. I love that this is something i can pop on when i am just running errands or popping to the shops as i know it has given me enough coverage and people wont be scared by my bare face which i normally just run out with.
I will say that if you like the idea of a BB Cream being a light coverage and finish then this will most probable not be for you.
There is 4 shades available..Fair Light Medium Dark..i have light and it is perfect for my NW20 skin tone. I will say though there is a massive jump in colour between light and medium and i mean massive so i think people may struggle with that.
Priced at £8.99 i feel is a little steep but you do get 50ml of product which does make up for it i guess!
Overall i am pretty damn impressed Sleek Make-Up but to be honest you guys never seem to fail me anyway.
It is  available on Superdrug stores and on
Are you excited for this? Are you a fan of a good BB Cream?

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