No one likes blocked pores, especially me so I’ve been finding various ways to target mine throughout my adult life. Skinfood’s Black Bean Nose pack is one of those ‘fixes’ that I’ve tried – I picked a pack of 5 up when I was last in Tokyo to try out. I’ve tried nose packs before with varying amounts of success, but Skinfood as a brand has always impressed me so I figured they would be good to try. The sales assistant in the store recommended this 5 pack to me over Skinfoods ‘Chlorella Nose Clear Patch’ so I assume these do a better job.

If you’ve never used a pore strip before they are basically designed to pull out blackheads, impurities and dirt from the skin – they are usually a black strip which you apply to your wet nose, leave to dry and then pull off. The strip tightens as it dries latching onto the blackheads and dirt on your skin which is then pulled off as you remove the strip. Pretty simple really.

The Black Bean Nose pack strips contain black bean extract which will apparently help to cleanse the pores, though I haven’t seen that as an ingredient in many skin care items so really can’t say what its intended purpose in these strips actually is. The strips are a pretty standard affair if I’m honest, they do work a little better than some others I have tried but I certainly wasn’t blown away by them. They do the job they are intended to do no more, no less and are pretty reasonably priced (online at least, not in Tokyo.) If you suffer from blocked pores they are definitely worth a try, plus you look like an absolute idiot when wearing one so it’s obviously worth it!

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