Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream REVIEW

Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream REVIEW :

You can purchase this on Amazon, Pretty and Cute, eBay and other retailers. The price varies per store. Careful purchasing on eBay, though! Click here to read all about how to spot a fake BB cream. If you find that you have purchased one, call the seller immediately to have them issue you a refund and if you can’t, call your bank to get your money back!! It is FRAUD.Skin79-The-Oriental-Gold-BB-Cream-review

They Describe Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream  As:

  • Whitening / Wrinkle improvement
  • Ultraviolet rays interception SPF25 PA++
  • KFDA 3 functions certification
This is a great 3 in 1 combination for people who are on the go. The BB cream gives you a brighter and shiny skin and This product can act as make-up base and foundation, it can correct your irregular skin tone
My Thoughts:
This is much better than the other Skin79 BB cream I reviewed. And you can actually wear this one outside of the house because the bleaching agent in this BB cream doesn’t cast a white sheen across your entire face so you won’t scare anybody. Yay! The formula for this one is better too — it does a good job with filling in lines and helping to plump up the skin, which will in turn make you look younger. The color doesn’t appear gray and looks like foundation. I haven’t used this long enough to know if the claims are real and that the cream is truly beneficial, however I like this one and will continue to use it.
The hidden gem in this product is the cream blush that is hidden inside the cap. It’s gives a really gorgeous flush and blends nicely into the skin. The blush is very pigmented and is a beautiful pink color that is quite universal and I think would flatter most skin tones.
The downside to this BB cream is the packaging. It’s wonk-a-doodles. When you remove the cap, the dispenser is in the middle!! Wha? That doesn’t even make any sense. LOL You have no control over how much comes out because of the way you have to press down on this thing, so inevitably too much will come out. I show you in the video. Gross! It’s truly the strangest thing. That is my only complaint. 😉
Betty Says: This Skin 79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream  makes your skin look supple, smooth and like your natural self only better. If you haven’t given one of these OG BB creams a try, I suggest starting with this one.Have you tried any of the original BB creams? Do you like them? If yes, which ones are your favorite?

Have a beautiful day!

Betty xx

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