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Six Must Have Hairbrushes for All Hair Types

Everyone’s hair is different. Some have naturally slick straight hair while others have wavy and curly locks. Some have very thick hair and others’ are fine and easier to manage. Each hair type requires a different kind of care, from the products you use to the way you style it and even the hair tools you work with. One thing that everyone needs, though, no matter what their hair type is a hairbrush. There are different kinds of hairbrush and, just like hair, each one serves a different purpose. Here’s a list of the most important and basic must have hairbrushes for all hair types.

  • Paddle brush – a paddle brush is bigger, wider and chunkier than most hairbrushes. This type of hairbrush is best used for smoothening and straightening out strands, especially before using any kind of styling tool on your hair. Paddle brushes are made of synthetic bristles most of the time though you can also find some that are made of non-synthetic bristles.

using an oval paddle brush

sleek shiny hair from paddle brushing GHD black paddle brush

  • Round brush – another must have in your hair tool arsenal is the round brush. Often used with a hair dryer, the round brush is the perfect kind of hairbrush to reach for if you’re looking to create more volume and lift to your hair. Just run it through and let your hair follow its shape towards the end for smooth, sleek and voluminous hair.

round hair brush Miranda Kerr Launches Unilever Haircare Range fab hair using round brushblowdry and brush

  • Ceramic brush – now, if you blow dry your hair every single day, you might want to get a ceramic brush and use it instead. Ceramic brushes are round as well so they’re function pretty much like the basic round brush except that it has a ceramic barrel that radiates heat so it makes styling your hair a lot easier.

ceramic ion thermal brush full body hairround brush with blowdryer hair blowout

  • Vented brush – if your hair tends to get frizzy a lot, you should definitely get your hands on a vented brush. Vented brushes are great for air-drying hair. It creates less static, too, but you’d need a round brush to finish off your hairbrushing routine if you want a more polished look.

simple vented brush frizzy curly hair no frizz hair

  • Boar bristle brush – a boar bristle brush is considered to be an investment when it comes to hair care tools and equipment. The boar bristles distribute oils throughout the hair which is important if you’re going with the no-poo movement since oil tends to build up at the roots. They also gently simulate the scalp which promotes hair growth and overall hair health. They’re rather pricey but they’re one of the things you should definitely splurge on.

mason pearson boar bristle brush using a boar brush boar bristle brush hair

  • Synthetic bristle brush – if you’re just looking for an everyday hairbrush, go for a synthetic bristle brush. This kind of brush has bristles that are often made of either nylon or plastic which are strong enough to detangle hair and smooth it out.

synthetic bristle brush tangle teezer synthetic bristle brush silky smooth hair short hair tangle free