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Six Great Hairstyles for Thick hair

Thick Hair Solutions Just For You

Now you might not have any idea on what to do with your big, volumey locks. Stress not, for we have hairstyles for thick hair to make your wish come true. Long or short, you’re set to look amazing this season with naturally thickset locks and chic styling.

1. High Pixie Cut. Sprintz a texturizing spray all over hair. Focus at the roots. With your fingers, dishevel hair while blow-drying. Airstream should face the root of hair and enhance it to make some volume in the crown. Get it done with a medium shine texturizing paste to give further definition.




2. Curly Bob. This is retro in contemporary style. Spray a little damp or blow-dry hair with a heat setting spray. Roll hair on 1 1/4-inch hot rollers. Wait to set until completely ready. Carefully remove rollers. Rake and play  with hair using fingers. Seal the deal with a flexible hold hairspray.





3. Vintage Mean Girl. Even out a ping pong ball-sized amount of styling mousse through hair. Dry up for about 70%  using a 1 1/2-inch round brush. Curl ends of hair and fringe below with a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron. Carefully sweep fringe to the side. With a little shine spray, you’re good to go.





4. Big Curls. Portion out hair horizontally from ear to ear to make an above and below portion. Clip up above portion, letting the fringe divide. Sprintz a one-inch vertical portion of hair with heat setting spray but remember to begin on one side of the bottom portion. Now curl with a 1-inch barrel iron. To finish the bottom, continue curling single-inch portions. Let go of above portion and do second step for it. Subtly curl fringe and place to one side. Hairspray for a nice finish.





6. Ombre Hair. A chocolate brown shade for the base from regrowth to just past midway down the hair with an ombre effect that bit by bit turns to somewhat like four shades lighter than the base i what you should ask for.A 1-inch barrel iron will do for curling. Remember to curl only the  six inch strands at the ends of your hair.