Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review

While hovering around the Sinful colours stand in my local Boots store I asked myself “do you reallyneed another nail varnish?” the answer was obviously yes, three more duh.
The whole range is full of incredibly vibrant colours, even the lighter pastel shades aren’t wishy washy and what you see is most definitely what you get. I chose ‘Boom Boom’ which is a lovely creamy fuchsia, ‘Cream Pink’ a bright pink with a gold shimmer throughout and lastly ‘Let’s Talk’ which is a dark metallic/pearl purple – perfect for Halloween.

1 sinfulcolors

L-R Boom Boom, Let’s Talk and Cream Pink

2 sinfulcolors

3 sinfulcolors FUSHIA PINK

4 sinfulcolors INDIGO

5 sinfulcolors SWATCHES

 For £1.99 I had my reservations about what the quality would be like but they are some of the best nail polishes I have ever used. All three showed amazing results after one coat, after a second coat the colour is completely opaque, and boy-o-boy are these babies shiny. I was cleaning up one evening when Aaron asked me how I was doing it while my nails were still wet, I’d applied the polish 4 hours previous, that’s how glossy they are! As for lasting power, the polish went 4 days without chipping before I got bored and changed colours, if you’re not as impatient as me I’m sure you could easily get seven days wear out of these polishes.
I’m in the process of sorting through my nail polish collection, getting rid of the gloopy and unloved to make room for more Sinful Colors, next on my list are Winterberry and Black on Black.


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