Simple but Fun and Stylish Ways to Wear Color for Spring

Wearing color can lighten and brighten up your look and add lots of fun to your outfit and there’s no better or more perfect time to start wearing all the gorgeous colors in the world than spring and then summer. These two seasons bring the perfect days for candy-colored dresses and rainbow hues on every piece. Not every girl goes giddy for color all the time, though. I know there are ladies out there who would rather wear neutrals all the time just because it’s easier but trust me, it’s really easy to add some color to your look. Here are some simple but fun and stylish ways to wear color for spring.

  • CARRY A BRIGHT BAG – nothing’s easier than just carrying a bright bag around to lug all of your daily essentials in. If you don’t like wearing color, you can carry color instead to have at least a little bit of it incorporated in your everyday look. A bright bag can instantly make any outfit look more fun and exciting.

bright neon bag

bright bag kendall jenner

  • TRY COLORFUL PRINTS – if you’re the kind who easily gets overwhelmed with solid chunks of color in your outfits, you can skip that and opt for colorful prints instead. Prints are a little less overwhelming because you see the colors on the print pattern come together beautifully as opposed to just seeing one massive solid color. It’s also a great choice for when you want to have more than just one color in your look without having to look like a rainbow.

colorful dress print colorful print

  • TOP OFF YOUR OUTFIT WITH VIBRANT OUTERWEAR – not sure if you can commit to wearing color all day? Give yourself a little more flexibility and more option by wearing color on your outerwear. This way, if you ever feel ‘a little too colorful’ you can always take it off.

outerwear in hot pink outerwear in red

  • WEAR THEM AS ACCENTS – another option that you have if you don’t want to wear a lot of color all at once is to wear them as accents or by adding pops of color throughout your look. This is a great way to brighten up and liven up your look, especially when you’re wearing something rather dull or plain.

accent color bright pink accent colors on neutral outfit

  • GIVE MUTED COLORS A SHOT – most of the people I know who don’t like wearing too much color say it’s because they’re overwhelmed by them and if you’re like this, why not give muted colors a shot? They’re less intimidating and less overwhelming but they still lend your look a more cheerful vibe.

muted colors muted pink skirt and white tank top

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