Simple and Elegant Hairstyles for Everyday Looks

Every morning, we struggle to get out of bed just so we can do our hair and makeup and, hopefully, look gorgeous and pretty as we seize the day. Now, I know a lot of your morning prep time goes to makeup most of the time which leaves you with very little time to do your hair but that’s not an excuse to sport messy hair every single day, now, is it? Despite having very little time for doing your hair, there are actually lots of hairstyles that you can create in less than 5 minutes that would make you look classy and fab all day long. Here are 4 simple and elegant hairstyles for everyday looks that you can create when you’re pressed for time or when you just want something simple and easy to do.

  • The classic bun – the classic bun is a timeless hairstyle that is super easy to do. There are actually lots of ways to do it and it works on medium length to long hair. If you’re not confident about putting your hair up into a neat bun, don’t worry. Messy buns are one of the hottest looks today but if you really want something more polished, you can always use a tool like a hair donut or a hair ring that helps you put your hair up in a neater and cleaner bun. What’s great about a bun is that you get gorgeous waves or curls upon releasing your hair after a long day of wearing it so it makes a great day to night hairstyle.

puffy bun hairstyle sassy bun hairstyle sweet side bun

  • A ponytail – the ponytail is something that I’m sure every woman knows how to do. It takes literally less than a minute to create this hairstyle but if you have more time in your hands, you can dress it up in so many different ways to get a more ornate look. You can also add accessories to it to make it prettier. Another thing that I really like about the ponytail is that there are endless ways to wear it: high, low, to the side, curly, straight and many more.

fab ponytail and bangs

rihanna high ponytail

  • Chignon – a chignon is perhaps one of the most elegant hairstyles you can do even when you don’t have much time in your hands. A lot of people mistake a classic bun for a chignon and while it does look like a bun, a chignon is always strictly placed lower, somewhere around the back of the neck, than a regular bun. It’s often more dressy and ornate as well. You can create this hairstyle if you want to add a classy touch to your look.

stylish messy chignon classic chignon

  • A braid – braids are great if you need something that will give your look more intricate details. They also give you a nice soft and romantic look so it’s a great hairstyle to go for if you’re going on a date. You can do any type of braid that you’ve mastered but one that would really take no time at all would be the traditional three strand braid.

simple braid hairstyle simple headband braid messy double fishtail


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