Silicone vs. Water Based Foundation

There are few silicone based makeups out there but I found Sleek (made for dark skin) which is. They have one light ‘illuminating’ foundation in shade Shell, which I bought to try.
Silicone based (most primers are) products are notorious for clogging pores, but gives a perfect, long lasting finish. Most airbrush makeup used on movie sets are silicone based because it is hard wearing (although most brands nowadays cater for the water based market as well). It is also suitable for brides or on photoshoots.
1 Sleek silicone based foundation
If you have a good makeup remover the Sleek foundation is no harder removing than other foundations, it does however as the saying goes, clog your pores. Even after I washed my face twice and scrubbed I found myself with small spots all over my face the day after.
It is made for dark/black skin and I wouldn’t know if it reacts differently as our skin types are so different.
I would say it’s a good once in a while foundation, but absolutely nothing to cover your skin in on a daily basis.
2 sleekshellfoundation SWATCHED
The Shell shade was slightly too dark for me – but hey, no news there!
Price; £8

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