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Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit ,The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit review and Makeup Application Tips

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit  ,The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit  review and Makeup Application Tips  :

Today I wanted to share with you Makeup Application Tips  with my sigma brushes. Since a lot of my Brides-to-Be, including myself, are deciding to take matters into their own hands and do their own makeup, I’m going to show you some tools you’ll love for your big day.
All the tools I am going to be showing you today are ones I purchased myself from Sigma! 
I’ll share with you a little bit about the company first off! With every single order you purchase that’s over $30.00, you always receive a free gift, as well as various information cards on your purchase.sigma E25 Blending Brush
Usually the free gift is a travel size E25 Blending Brush –  I never get tired of receiving this gift because I use this brush ALL the time. It is amazing for blending your eye shadow, but I also use it to blend my concealer under my eyes.
Sigma brushes is known for it’s superb quality, but also affordability.
Why spend 20-40 dollars on a single brush at M.A.C when you can get same (if not better) quality at Sigma?
Let’s get onto the tools …Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit
The first product I am going to show you is the Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit
This kit retails for $49.00Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit brushes review
In the Synthetic Precision Kit you get the four amazing brushes that will take your Wedding Makeup Application to an entirely new level of easy and flawless.
P80 – The Precision Flat Brush – The precision flat brush is a beautifully dense brush with a flat top. This is perfect for blending your foundation on tough to reach spots. It’s dense bristles will soften your foundation into your hair line or around your ears.Especially if you are having an up-do for your wedding, you want to make sure that your foundation is blended into your hair line and into your ears. Obvious foundation lines are a no-no, especially when you are taking so many photographs. You don’t want to look back and see that your face looks like it’s wearing a mask!
P82 – The Precision Round Brush – This is one brush that I wanted desperately for awhile. The Precision Round Brush is amazing for blending concealer into your under eye area, or around your nose. Typically, Women get redness under their eyes and around their nostrils, it’s important to conceal these areas properly, and the P82 will help you do that. When you start to get closer to your wedding, you’re going to get less and less sleep, dark circles will be prevalent. If you blend your under eye concealer with your fingers, most of the product is going to end up soaking into your fingertips and not into your under eyes. Spray your P82 with a little MAC Fix +, apply your concealer, and watch the magic happen!
P84 – The Precision Angled Brush – There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous highlight under your brow for your wedding. Taking a light shade under the highest part of your brow brings light to your face and adds beautiful dimension. Take your P84 with your favorite brow highlight (mine is M.A.C’s Brulee or Vanilla!) and sweep this under your brow. The angled shape of the brush allows you to easily apply the highlight under the shape of your brow.
P86 – The Precision Tapered Brush – There are several things that this brush can help you do for your big day. First of all, the tapered bristles will allow you to get just the right amount of highlight into your inner corner. I often take a bit more of a shimmery shade like M.A.C’s Vanilla or Phloof for an inner corner highlight. Dip this brush into your color of choice, and apply it onto the inner corner. Because this isn’t a widely dense brush, you won’t get too much highlight and no fall out. Second, this brush dupes the P82 Round Brush because you can also use this to blend concealer around your nose and eyes. Anything tapered and small can blend and fit into places your normal foundation brushes will pass over.Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit brushes

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit review

 Now you have your smaller precision work done for you, but what about the larger jobs?
For jobs like foundation, cream products, etc., you are going to need larger brushes.The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit
The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit is going to help you achieve all of these jobs.
This set retails for $59.00The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit brushes
F80 – The Flat Top Kabuki – The ultimate foundation brush. You will get an application unlike any other with this brush. I often rotate my foundation application routine with this brush and my Beauty Blender. The Flat Top Kabuki will allow you to stipple and blend your foundation into your face for a beautifully flawless finish. The rave about this brush is endless.
F84 – The Angled Kabuki Brush – This brush will be your best friend for contour. It’s angled shape can help you get the best contour on your cheek bones. On your wedding day, you want your face to look slimmer and more shapely, especially in your pictures. If you have rounder cheeks and want to create the illusion of a more contoured cheek bone, or if you already have contoured cheeks and just want to accentuate them, apply your contour shade with your F84 directly into the hollows of your cheeks. It helps if you make a fishy face, you’ll look like an idiot, but it will apply the shade exactly where you want it. Start back by your ear so the most color begins there, you don’t want to bring too much color in because you don’t want an obvious contour. Natural natural natural.
F82 – The Round Kabuki – I absolutely love this brush, not only can you use it to also apply foundation, but its great for applying blush, especially cream blushes! The synthetic bristles of any brush are made to really work well for cream products. The round shape of this brush will help you to apply your blush directly onto the apples of your cheeks.
The F86 – The Tapered Kabuki – The tapered kabuki will be amazing for highlighting your face. You really want to bring a natural highlight into your makeup routine. My favorite subtle highlighters for the face are Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl Illuminatoror Too Faced By Candlelight. Some others you may want to consider are Dior’s Amber DiamondM.A.C’s Pearl Cream Color Base or even taking a bit of M.A.C’s Vanilla Eye Shadow. The tapered brush will allow you to apply highlight evenly across the tops of your cheek bones and down your nose. The abrupt tip will apply it beautifully and evenly without getting too much or too wide of an application. You want your highlight to sit just on the top of your cheek bones, do not over apply!The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit review
 The Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit brishes