Sigma Extravaganza 18k Gold Brush Kit review

Sigma Extravaganza 18k Gold Brush Kit – would you buy it?Sigma Extravaganza 18k Gold Brush Kit review

Girls, am I dreaming? 
Sigma released a new 29-piece brush kit with 18k gold ferrules. The price for this whole set is a whopping$510 so roughly £330!! Enormous amount of money to spend on a brush set, gold plated or not.Sigma Extravaganza Gold Brush KitSigma Extravaganza 18k Gold Brush Kit test
While desperately trying to justify reasons for myself splurging out on these babies, I worked out; for 29 brushes you would be paying roughly £11 a brush which works out cheaper than MAC and even some drugstore alternatives. You also get a luxury leather case to hold your new gold.Sigma Extravaganza 18k Gold makeup Brush Kit
Sigma Extravaganza 18k Gold Brushes
Above are the 29 brushes included, from what I can see they are just standard Sigma brushes.. just with gold ferrules. The full list of brushes included can be found on sigma site 🙂Sigma-Extravaganza-brush kit
I wish they would release this exact set but without the gold plating, I would without a doubt be first in line, I love Sigma brushes. But for now, these will have to suffice floating around in my dreams tonight, and first on my list when I win that lottery thing I’ve been telling you all about. 😉
What do you reckon? Fools gold?

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