Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Mask review

 Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Mask review :

There’s nothing like kicking back on a Sunday night with a bubble bath, face mask and a good book or magazine. That’s how I console myself with the fact that work week is about to re-commence. I use a lot of different types of masks, switching up between formulations and brands as my skin requires. One type of mask that I really enjoy are the ‘sheet’ masks – these are sheets of material in a face ‘shape’ that are soaked with the skin care.  I find these to be more common with Asian skin care brands like Shu Uemura, SKII and The Face Shop (to name a few.)


I was recently provided with the Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Mask for review – and boy did I enjoy testing it out! According this Shu Uemura the mask is a “concentrated moisture treatment to help soothe dryness. Unique unwoven fabric cloth texture made from Rayon and Pulp helps better fit the skin. Immediately following the treatment, skin feels softer and complexion appears more radiant.”

The Shu Uemura mask definitely made my skin feel hydrated, it had plenty of product to soak into the skin but it avoided the ‘sticky’ feeling that some of these types of masks have. The product soaked easily into the skin and I noticed a great ‘glow’ afterwards. As I only tried a single mask sheet I can’t comment if the product has long term benefits, but my skin looked and felt great after a single use.



  • Great product for a high dose of hydration as a weekly treatment
  • Easy to use, no need to wash product off afterwards
  • Mask was comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for dry or dehydrated skins looking for a ‘boost’

Some points to consider:

  • It can be a pricey type of mask to use – the Australian retail on this mask is $95AUD for 6 sheets
  • Probably too heavy for use on oily or acne prone skins

Overall, I really enjoy this type of mask – they’re perfect for those who like something that’s quick, easy and provides great results. Considering the price they may not fit into everyone’s budget but they’re worth it if you can splurge for a special occassion. As an option to get value out of these masks you can use them prior to a special event to ensure your skin is hydrated and plump – just be sure to test the first mask out a week or two ahead of your event to ensure there no adverse reactions.

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