Shoe Trends for Spring

It’s not just your clothes that dictate your springtime style. Your footwear can have a big fashion influence too! Dress your feet to the nines with these chic shoe trends for spring.

Strappy Sandals

Shoe trends for spring are not complete without strappy sandals. These true fashion chameleons are very chic, no matter what attire you wear with them. Although strappy sandals are deemed as casual footwear, they can be worn in dressier events as well. It’s just a matter of pairing the right outfit with the right pair of strappy sandals.

studded strappy sandals

black strappy sandals

Unique Flats

Flats are the primary shoe trends for spring. However, you need not limit yourself to the usual styles and designs. For this spring, you need to break out of your comfort zone by going for unique flats. The black ankle-strap flats as seen below might be simple at first look, but its design and construction show the whimsical side of spring.

black ankle strap flats black strappy flats

Gorgeous Gladiators

With the many shoe trends for spring, you must not forget about the gorgeous tall gladiators. After all, it adds a dash of design – even if you are just wearing a simple ensemble. Another good thing about tall gladiator sandals is that they befit nighttime looks too. If you want to feel comfortable while in a dinner party or an after-work hangout, then make sure to rock a pair of stunning gladiator sandals.

black gladiator sandalsgold and black gladiator sandals

Platform Sandals

Want to boost your height without hurting your feet? Then invest in platform sandals, considered some of the finest shoe trends for spring. True to its’ name, it can make you appear taller – without making you suffer in the process. With these sandals, you can walk and dance all you want – and not worry about developing corns and calluses the day after.

white platform sandals black platform sandals

Cute Clogs

Like the platform sandals, clogs are considered some of the most comfortable shoe trends. After all, they come with manageable heel heights that enable easy walking and striding. Another good thing about covered clogs is that it hides your undone nails, in case you do not have time to visit your neighborhood nail salon.

rachel bilson red clogs neutral clogs

Outstanding Oxfords

Oxfords are fall footwear icons that are also deemed as great shoe trends for spring. Although the usual styles are very sophisticated, spring is the time to go out and explore more style options. The best way to do so is to choose beautifully-designed oxfords, such as the ones shown below. The playful floral style is one way of saying that you are more than ready for the spring season!

floral broguesgreen oxfords

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