Shoe Hacks that Will Make Every Pair You Own a Lot Better

Women love shoes and with that, the shoe business grows even larger every year. Keeping up with the latest and hottest shoe trends, shoe styles and shoe designs is fun but, let’s admit it, not every single one of them is comfy. I bet you’ve had your fair share of uncomfortable pairs of shoes and some may have even had steep price tags on them (even more disappointing, right?). If you’re tired of suffering from and putting up with uncomfortable shoes, here are some shoe hacks that will make every pair you own a lot better and easier to walk in.

  • SANDPAPER THE SOLES – unless those are Louboutins, sandpapering the soles of your shoes is actually a genius idea. Doing this will give your shoes better traction – perfect for shoes that always have you slipping here and there.

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  • GEL INSERTS ARE EVERYTHING – gel inserts may not seem like much but they’re everything when it comes to making your shoes more comfortable and easier to walk around in. My personal favorite are the Dr. Scholl ones though I’m pretty sure there are other brands out there that are just as good.

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  • WATER PROOF CLOTH SHOES – cloth shoes are cute and they’re perfect for everyday use because they’re super comfy but stepping on a puddle of water or spilling liquid on them is a big hassle that can leave you feeling uneasy all day. To avoid this, waterproof them with beeswax! Here’s how.

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  • TAPE YOUR TOES – this controversial hack has been recently backed up by science and has been proven worthy of a shot by several bloggers and celebs. Apparently, taping the third and fourth toes together on each foot will alleviate the pain caused by high heels. Here is an entire post about one girl’s experience with this hack.

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  • BREAK IN NEW SHOES – breaking in your shoes used to mean that you’d have to walk around the house wearing your new pair of shoes (maybe some of you even slept with them on) to stretch them out and make them expand so they can be comfy when you wear them out for the first time but an easier and quicker way to do this is to blow dry them while you’re wearing them with wool socks.

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  • SLIP IN A NAPKIN – slippery shoes, sweaty feet and uncomfortable insoles – all these together make the perfect high heeled disaster. Thankfully, there’s one product you can use that can solve all three problems at once and it’s already in your purse! Slip in a sanitary pad / napkin (sticky side down) on your shoes to keep your shoes from slipping. They work like those gel insoles, only cheaper. They’ll also absorb the moisture from your feet which is perfect if you have to keep your shoes on all day long.

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