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Shiseido Naturgo White Clay Facial Cleanser V.S Kanebo White Cleanser

Description of cleansers
Left Cleanser: SHISEIDO Naturgo White Clay Facial Foam
SHISEIDO Naturgo White Clay Facial Foam is a thick cream cleanser with natural white clay to absorbed the melanin
 and also remove dirt, oil, and even make-up. Can be u
sed as a face wash while taking a shower or bath.
(description detail courtesy of
Right Cleanser: KANEBO Naive Medicated Facial Foam White
KANEBO Naive Medicated Facial Foam White is a thick type cleanser. The white
 clay(Sebum-absorbing powder) will turns your skin clear and dull-less, Glycosyl Trehalose
 protects moisture in your skin, and botanical cleansing ingredients removes tough di
rt from pores. Prevents skin problems and cleanses to clear, moist skin. Contains Ros
e extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract for moisture. You will feel softer
, smoother, and more beautiful skin with continued use.
(Note: I have oily/combination skin.)
Now that I actually have 2 similar cleansers to compare, I can see the difference in each product. 
I have been using the Shiseido one for over 10 months now. I swore it was the best cleanser I’ve ever used because it not only gave me that squeaky clean feeling, but it also helped keep my face light! 
Now…after I got the chance to use the Kanebo cleanser, I must say the Shiseido one isn’t as great as I thought! (and to say that I was even highly recommending it to Miss Kimberly Tia Sorry girl!!)
For one, the Shisedo one doesn’t foam up and give a good lather. No bubbles unless you use a big ol’ glop. 
Comparing the 2 cleansers, the Kanebo one is WAY better! The Kanebo cleanser has a light rose smell, a little goes a long way, and its foamy and it doesn’t leave my skin in that dry-squeaky-clean type way like the Shiseido one does.  Once washed off, my face is CLEAN and is also left smooth and supple feely! 
Price difference according to 
The Shiseido one is $9.99 and the Kanebo one is $7.99.
I got my Kanebo cleanser @ Mitsuwa on sale for only $4.99. It’s on sale right now still so if anyone is interested, hurry and run out there! 
I was actually @ Mitsuwa to pick up another one of the Shiseido one since I was running out, but then I got distracted with so many other colorful and beautiful prodcuts that I got steered away from the Shiseido Naturgo cleanser. I’m glad I got steered away because now I found a better cleanser that is similar to it but is better in its own way!
I was skeptical at first when I saw the Kanebo cleanser because it was on sale but then noticed how many were already gone from the shelf. I read the packaging, held it around a bit, put it back, then decided to just get it since it was on sale for only $5 so it wouldnt hurt so bad if it didn’t work out! =)
I would highly recommend this Kanebo cleanser to anyone who has oily/combination skin like myself and who also wants some whitening power.
Just a friendly reminder: It works for me, but just to be safe on my end…use this product at your own risk. =)