Sexy Ways to Wear Stripes with Kenza Zouiten

Stripes are one of those always-on-trend print choices and the oldest and most tricky means to use for figure adjustment. Though stripes have traditionally been in fashion, many women fear that wearing them will just make their figure look bigger and thus avoid them like the plague. Stripes are very simple, classical, and ladylike that fit almost everyone. So, let’s have a style inspiration to wear stripes without adding unnecessary bulk to your frame.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Kenza Zouiten is a style blogger and model known for her eclectic street looks from glamorous and sexy to posh and laid-back. Her blog, Kenzas became one of the biggest blogs in Sweden. Kenza is tastefully creative in styling her looks, and one of the notable styles is her sexy and chic ways of wearing stripes in her street looks. Let’s have some scoop on her style.

cute striped bag

striped sneakers

There are so many artful ways to wear stripes. But if you’re not ready to commit to them, the effortless way to play with the tricky print is with your accessories. Hats, bags, and shoes are great accessories that you may wear to add some interest to your plain look. Kenza creatively wore a striped tote bag and striped sneakers with her street looks and the result is incredibly stylish.

classic striped blouse striped crop top with lace skirt striped top with denim shorts

If you want to make your figure look slimmer or fuller, you must learn the tricks of these prints for your purpose. Horizontal and vertical stripes have different tendencies. Remember that horizontal ones make your body slimmer, whereas vertical ones make you look fuller. Make every imperfection become an advantage by wearing horizontal stripes on areas you wish to look fuller like chest or arms; and vertical stripes on areas like waist. Since Kenza has a slim figure, she is just comfortable wearing horizontal or vertical stripes at her top and picked a casual bottom like a denim skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. For a sexy trick, Kenza opted for a horizontal stripes print in her crop top with halter style to give some good illusion to her figure.

striped button down shirt stripes crop top with culottes

If you want to play with stripes without looking overdone, then sport some striped ensembles with your striped top. Like Kenza, you may wear striped sneakers with your striped button-down shirt to complement your looks; or wear a matching striped crop top and culottes. As you can see, Kenza opted for horizontal stripes in her crop top to enhance the illusion of her chest and vertical ones to slim down her bottom part.

graphic shirt with striped shoes printed scarf with striped top

For more creative street looks, you may pair stripes with other busy prints. Kenza simply wore a striped top and wrap a printed scarf around her neck for a statement look. Also, printed pants in neutral shades with striped sneakers work great together too. If you’re clashing stripes with other prints, always keep the shade in the same hue to avoid looking overdone.

black and white striped dress matching striped crop top and skirt striped dress with structured bag

If you’re brave enough to sport stripes to create a fashion statement, then wear a dress or a matching set of a crop top and a skirt with stripes pattern. When wearing horizontal stripes, remember that it can make your figure fuller so better opt for a body con dress like Kenza did. A loose fitting dress would be nice in horizontal stripes pattern. Just finish your looks with stylish shoes and a structured bag. A crop top and skirt in horizontal stripes look great too as the sexy cut on your midsection breaks the bold pattern. If you’re going for head-to-toe stripe, you may also break up the print with a thick ‘block’ color belt worn at your waist.

black and white pants striped top with distressed jeans striped top with leather jacket

If you’re conscious that horizontal stripes are going to make you look bigger on top, then break it up by adding your own side panels in the form of a block color coat, jacket, blazer, or cardigan. These darker panels will instantly trick the eye inward toward the print, and elongates your figure and gives the illusion of a slimmer frame. Also, color paneled pants in stripes form will give the same advantage too.

zebra print coat striped dress with cute sandals

Chevron prints, zebra prints, curvy stripes and such are irregular patterns that are still part of the stripes family. These prints add interests to your looks in an instant and there are no strict rules on wearing them because of their irregularity. Just sport them as your coat, dress, pants, shoes, and make an understated and yet statement looks.

Let the stripes be your friend rather than a foe. Just like what Kenza proved us, there are a lot of ways to wear stripes to your advantage. Be a brand new you and wear stripes in a sexy and alluring way.


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