8 Sexy but Classy Outfits for Clubbing

Clubbing is a really fun way to loosen up and have a good time with your friends but before you do that, there’s one thing that you are allowed to stress about and that is looking fabulous. Clubbing outfits should be two things: sexy and classy and while it may seem tricky finding balance between the two, it sure isn’t impossible. Here are a few sexy but classy outfits for clubbing.

off shoulder black dress

rose gold sequin outfit

  1. Flirty little red dress – this flirty little red dress is the perfect number for a night out with the girls at the club. The length is short enough to give your whole look that sexy touch but the silhouette is also really fun and flirty and the overall style of the dress injects a hint of class.selena gomez red dress
  2. Cropped jeans and crop top – when you have a body like Kendall Jenner, everything will look nice on you, even the dreaded combination of a crop top with cropped jeans (too much cropping going on!). This look, in fact, even make a great casual hip clubbing outfit. crop top and cropped jeans
  3. Sexy grunge – spring this year is all about looking chic and undone so this sexy grunge outfit is perfect if you want a clubbing look that’s casual, sexy, and effortless. Be sure to finish off your look with a choker to really get that grunge vibe going. grunge theme sexy
  4. Sheer tease – this gorgeous outfit by Daisy Lowe takes sexy to a whole new level and it’s perfect for clubbing, too! With nothing but sexy black lingerie underneath and a see-through lace dress on top, this look is definitely going to make you turn heads. daisy lowe sheer dress
  5. Elegant happy hour outfit – here’s a really sexy and elegant look that you can wear clubbing: a wrap around mini skirt, low cut top and a blazer finished off with high heels. It’s something that you can wear from desk to dinner or desk to happy hour. desk to happy hour outfit
  6. Easy day to night – a bright and dressy top paired up with sexy shorts make for a great day to night outfit, especially when you’re planning on going clubbing for the night. day to night outfit
  7. Head to toe leather – could there be anything sexier than an outfit that’s leather from head to toe? A leather dress may not be something you reach for every day but it sure is something you can wear for a fun night of clubbing with the girls.leather dress with slit
  8. Sexy slip – want something chic and effortless? A slip dress might just be what you are looking for. The boudoir dressing trend is a great one to wear for clubbing nights when you’re trying to achieve a look that’s equally sexy and classy. slip dress jamie chung



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