Schwarzkopf Magic Hair extensions review

Schwarzkopf Magic Hair extensions review :

Hair, glorious hair. In my quest to have Kim Kardashian hair, I’ve recently stumbled upon a gem –Schwarzkopf Magic Hair, which is a range of premium quality clip in hair extensions.

I was generously gifted three different colours to test out and let me just tell you – they are gorgeous. In fact, I had to re-read the press release a few times just to check if they were made from real hair or not because to my untrained eye it was quite difficult to tell.

More pictures of their hair, my hair, and their hair in my hair after the jump.


You may have noticed by now that the colour I’m going to show you today is Natural Blonde. I have Dark Brown and Medium Brown too but let’s just be honest – blondes have more fun and they photograph better. Well, sometimes ;)

Ok down to the details. What do you get in the pack? You get three strips of hair, three hair nets, and one hair clip.

In terms of the hair, there’s one short piece (pictured further below, with two clips) and two longer pieces (with three clips each). The longer pieces are the same width, but it’s important to note that all three pieces are exactly the same length.


Can you trim them? Probably. I wouldn’t suggest you do it though, just because the way the hair curls at the end actually mimics natural hair in that it curls up and isn’t flat-iron straight. If you trimmed them, you’d lose that soft curl.

Can you style them? No. Don’t use a hot iron or curling iron – the hair will melt.

How does Schwarzkopf Magic Hair work? They use small metal clips that work just like ordinary hair clips. To put them in your hair, you first need to cleanly section it off. Using the smallest piece at the bottom, firstly tease the section of your hair that you want the extensions to go in. Then insert one clip into the teased section, clip it in, and insert the second clip right next to it.

It’s a fairly simple process. You just repeat all the way up your hair until you’re done. You shouldn’t need to brush it, but if you want to, use a wide tooth comb and try not to tug too much. You don’t want to risk the clips coming undone and out.

Styling Suggestions: You can absolutely layer them in like I suggested, but after the layering, you can put your hair up in a ponytail which will add a good layer of thickness.

You can also put your hair up in a regular ponytail and wrap one of the extension clips around the base of the ponytail. This would be especially cool if you have dark hair and used the blonde, or vice versa.

Also, if you use one or two blonde strips in the centre of your hair and layer your brown hair over it (or vice versa!) it creates a very cool balayage effect.


I want to preface this next section by saying I’m so sorry about the dodgy photography and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t show you these pics but they do give you a bit of an idea of how the hair pieces work. In my defence, they were taken by a colleague at work on an iPhone.

This first picture is Schwarzkopf Magic Hair – Medium Brown after it’s been clipped into my hair. There is a clear strip but it’s covered up later by my own hair.

The pic on the left is blurry, but basically it’s the smallest-width extension.

On the picture  is my hair, with  1 packs of  Schwarzkopf Magic Hair .


Final Thoughts: The effect was just my hair, but thicker, more luscious… They were fun to have in. I didn’t think they were heavy – obviously I knew they were in, but it was manageable and not annoying at all.

The effect was also very natural. People were asking me on the day if I had extensions in because they knew I was putting them in, but they weren’t sure because it wasn’t immediately obvious.

Interesting side note – people at work have asked me since if I’ve still got them in, when I haven’t. I’m not sure what this means for my hair, or the Schwarzkopf extensions.

I used one and a half packs on my hair – I probably could have managed with just one pack, so don’t think you need to buy more than one if you’re thinking about these for a special event. Using two would have been too much.


  • For me, I think they’re a brilliant idea and product.
  • The synthetic hair feels just like real hair, and it’s not annoying to put in.
  • I had someone help me but if you’re not unko, you could probably do it yourself.
  • I also like that you can wash and re-use them (even though I just wear them and put them back in the box).
  • If you have very fine hair, I would probably stay away – when I tried to put it in a colleague’s hair (very fine and chin-length) it was quite hard and the length of the extensions looked very unnatural and weird.

For a special occasion, and for my particular hair, they’re ideal.

Schwarzkopf Magic Hair retails for $44.95 and is available in the following shades – Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Red Brown, Natural Blonde and Light Blonde.

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