Scarves to Add Oomph to Any Fall Look

They may be a teeny tiny part of your outfit but scarves can instantly transform your whole look and make an outfit go from drab to fab. If you’re ever thinking of starting a collection of accessories, make it scarves. They wearable all year long, they come in so many different styles and designs and they’re not only for aesthetics, they’re very functional too! Aside from all these, there are also lots of different ways to use them other than just having them draped around your neck. If you’re looking for some to add to your wardrobe for the season, check out these scarves to add oomph to any fall look.

  • Silk scarf – silk scarves are often worn during the summer because they aren’t very warm but they do give off a subtle feeling of warmness when wrapped around the neck. If you already have a warm-enough outfit that you put together and you just need something that will add a hint of class and chicness to your look, go for a silk scarf. These often come with nice and fancy print, too, which is always a great detail to be added to any look.

classy silk scarf

silk scarf for fall brown silk scarf

  • Chunky oversized scarf – a chunky oversized scarf is perfect for late fall and then winter. It’s something that you can wear when you don’t want to pile on too many articles of clothing for the day. You can get by with a regular sweater and jeans, throw your chunky oversized scarf on and go. It adds that nice slouchy-yet-oh-so-chic vibe, too, which is what everything seems to be themed on these days.

chunky oversized scarf knitted infinity scarf oversized plaid scarf

  • Fur scarf – can’t stand draping fur all over your outfit when wearing a coat or jacket made of it? If you’re looking for less of that in-your-face way to wear fur, wearing it as a scarf is a great way to go about it. Fur scarves are great at adding that bit of lavish look to any outfit. You can wear it with your most casual outfit if you want to dress it up or with something real posh and chic for that uptown girl vibe.

fur scarf outfit neutral outfit with fur scarf round fur scarf

  • Infinity scarf – infinity scarves are, pretty much, considered a must have every fall and winter. These are the scarves you’ll want to reach for when you want something that requires little to no effort in styling. You can practically and literally just drape it on and you’re good for the day. No fancy tying styles required, no frills, no fuss.

red infinity scarf infinity scarf oversized chunky knit scarf

  • Colorful scarves – pastel colors are back in for fall so get your hands on a few if you love these light and lovely colors. Anything bright, colorful or reminiscent of summer is fun, too! There’s always room for a little color in a dark outfit so if you’re looking to bring some summer cheer into your fall look, this is the way to go.

colorful skull scarf summer blue scarf for fall pastel pink scarf

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