Sara Donaldson: Minimalist Fashion Style

If you have an eye for black, white and gray, Harper and Harley is the blog for you. Sara Donaldson, the blogger behind the Australian fashion blog, gives her readers regular inspiration in the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces while staying true to her minimalist fashion style.

Let’s have an inspiration from her personal style to nail the minimalist look into your signature style.

1. Wear a statement piece one at a time.

all black outfitstatement shoes

gladiator sandals lace up shoes

You can revise a minimalist outfit by including accessories. Incorporating a statement piece to an outfit, whether it’s a pattern, design or vivid color, is an outstanding approach to showcase clean outlines while flaunting your minimalist style. Sara stated on her interviews that when she’s wearing one ring or statement earrings, she doesn’t have it both. She always keeps it plain and simple. Aside from accessories, wear your shoes as the statement piece with a neutral outfit. They can liven up any outfit, draw people’s attention, and jazz up your little black dress. However, if you get bored wearing the same clothes all the time, change your look by styling your outfits with different shoes.

2. Wear neutral tones or opt for a monochrome dressing.

all white outfit black dress

Fashion neutrals such as black, gray, and white are colors that can go with anything and the primary colors of minimalism. The foremost reason one must think about monochromatic dressing is that it’s a styling tactic that can get one look taller or leaner for rounder body shapes. Mainly because when a woman clothes all in one shade, she shows one artistic look to those who take a look at her, and it’s a vertical image. Darker colors work flawlessly because they recede, making the wearer look slimmer and taller.

3. Wear a garment with flattering and unconventional cuts.

back cut top unconventional cut white top unconventional hemline black dress unconventional white top

It could be really daunting at the beginning if you are not used to wearing unconventional tailoring, but it is just a matter of showing it off in a truly tactical way, so that it is not too much and it does not make you feel uncomfortable. Watch out for the hems and the neckline. If the dress is really short or has a really low neckline, got covered in a sheer material or just pick an unconventional cut without showing some skin. Remember, the asymmetrical or unconventional cut is the focal point of the look. Be sure it is flattering for you to enhance your minimalist outfit.

4. Wear stripes as an accent.

stripes skirt stripes top white stripes dress

A little stripe goes a long way when worn as an accent piece to your otherwise simple and plain outfit. You can also introduce a little stripe into your life with a striped hat or bag. It adds some fun to your simple and minimalist style.

5. Layer a denim jacket, blazer, or coat to add texture to your outfit.

white coat in black outfit elegant black outfit brown coat in a black dress

Wearing coats is an excellent way for layering over pieces with skinny straps, and low-cut backs. It adds some dimension and texture to your minimalist style. Wear jackets or blazers on strapless tops or short hemline dresses. A sleeveless tank top or blouse can look great when paired with a dress coat, blazer, or a denim jacket.

Flaunt your minimalist and elegant fashion individuality by your sartorial choices. Be more with less!




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