Sandra Hagelstam: Keys on Wearing Statement Footwear

Wearing statement footwear whether it’s a pair of shoes, boots, platforms, sandals, or stilettos is a fresh and fun way to brighten up your style. They’re perfect means for injecting some personality into a plain outfit, or showing off your fashionable side as part of a more formal look. Statement footwear with a dramatic color or feature gives your ensemble a different texture that’s a little unexpected. But, wearing them feels a little daunting? Let’s have some shoe style inspiration.

Finland born and raised fashion blogger, Sandra Hagelstam is known for her creative styling and great taste in shoes. She has an incredible shoe collection and an enviable stash of designer handbags in her wardrobe. Her blog and visual diary, 5 Inch and Up, is inspired by a love of statement boots, stilettos, platforms, and other statement shoes. Let’s have a look on how she pulled her outfits together with her fashionable shoes.

semi boots open vamp

baroque boots colorful chunky heeled shoesknee high boots

The first and foremost rule if you’re going to wear statement shoes is to be sure you can walk with them gracefully; especially if they’re high heels or no heel baroque style shoes. Remember, half of the beauty of wearing statement shoes is the movement when you walk — that is the most enticing, captivating, and mesmerizing point of watching a woman walk in highly fashionable shoes. You have to be somewhat comfortable in them.

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Most women are hesitant to invest in statement shoes with notable feature or color as they believe these shoes are limited to what you can wear them with. On the contrary, if you get bored wearing the same clothes all the time, you can change your look by styling it with different shoes. You can buy statement shoes so people will notice and remember them.

valentino shoes lace up boots leather boots in blackbrown boots wedge

When you start adding in a statement shoe, it gives your ensemble a spotlight. Wearing them is just simple. Since statement shoes are so bold, they work best with simple silhouettes and muted hues. You want everybody to notice your shoes so you want to choose the right outfit to complement them. Since Sandra is almost always wearing statement shoes, we rarely see her in a striking color outfits; instead, she wears a lot of neutral tones. Wearing statement footwear and keeping the rest of your outfit simple means you don’t need much else to stand out.

tie up boots espadrilles low vamp cutfur detailed sandals snakeskin boots

Statement features such as funky straps, gladiator touches, lace-up detailing, buckles, furs, fringes, exotic prints, and animal prints require a certain confidence. You’ve got to be very comfortable with your feet and legs as they’ll be drawing a lot of attention to them. For those who may be a little hesitant about being too bold, shapes, cuts, and materials can be a way to have a little fun. You may opt for structured heels, transparent heels, no heels, and unconventional cuts of the vamp. Also, you may wear bright or unusual colors to look modern and chic.

Feel free to sport those eye-catching statement shoes. They are a great way to show the world your personality, unique style, and great taste of shoes!




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