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It’s a little late, but I thought I would show you guys my Sample Bar Glam Box that I received a few weeks ago. Sample Bar Glam Boxes are fairly new in New Zealand and much like the UK beauty boxes, Sample Bar offers a box of at least 5 sample sized products for $25 a month. You can then review the products on their website, earn points, and purchase full sized products directly from Sample Bar.

Schwarzkopf instant volume powder:
Revive flat locks with a dusting of Schwarzkopf’s revolutionary and all new instant volume powder.
The box contained a full size that is actually a mere 10g. I wasn’t overly impressed with the product and I would prefer to use dry shampoo or hair spray to achieve the same effect. It will have a place in my handbag, but I wouldn’t purchase it.
RRP: $7.29

Dermalogica Precleanse:
Get ready to enjoy your cleanest ever complexion with Dermalogica’s precleanse.
I received an 8ml sample size of the Dermalogica precleanse which is a surprisingly large amount of product. I’ve used it four times and there is still plenty left. It’s a lovely product that is more like an oil than a soap and thoroughly cleanses my face. It’s a great product to try as I wouldn’t spend such a large amount of money without trying it first.
RRP: $84.00 (150ml)

Geoskincare night repair cream:
Enriched with essential fatty acids to help reduce skin degeneration.
I received the 50ml full sized product with a value $43.92 which is great value. Unfortunately, this is aimed at a 30+ woman, not a 19 year old so it really doesn’t agree with my skin. I have seen that some others received the daily moisturizer which would’ve been perfect for me. Hopefully Sample Bar will take note of my beauty profile with the next box. The product smells lovely and I will pass it on to my mum.

Model Co eye define black eyeliner pencil:
This pencil provides long lasting and intense colour for beautifully defined eyes.
Another full sized product that values at $26.00. I really didn’t need another black eyeliner as I already have two more brand new ones waiting to be used however I’m looking forward to trying this one.

Spa Ritual bath salts:
Spa Ritual’s bath salts help to refresh the mind, reduce fatigue and soothe sore muscles.
I literally just got out of the bath and these were lovely. They are organic and you really can tell with the scent. The two sample sized sachets were the perfect amount to try them out.
RRP: $47.99 (220g)

Overall I was impressed with the value of the box, however a few of the products weren’t quite what I was after. I can’t wait to see what is inside the April Glam Box.

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