Sally Hanson HD Nail Colour #06 Digital

Sally Hanson HD Nail Colour #06 Digital

How could I have a month of pink products without any nail polishes? Truthfully I’m not much of a pink polish fan, and if I do chose pink I tend to favour softer nude-ish pinks, although in summertime I do like a nice bright pink pedi. My favourite bright pink polishes so far have been Zoya Dita (I’m sure the name is not a coincidence) and B* Collection Perth (B* Collection is Bloom’s line for Target.)

I recently purchased a few products at Priceline and received their goody bag as part of a promotion they run every so often. Included in the goody bag was a Sally Hanson HD Polish in the shade #06 Digital. Perfect timing for The Pink Month!

Sally Hanson says “Patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional color and iridescent shine!” At the time I was checking out the polishes someone asked me how nail polishes could be HD? Honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea. I think it’s just a marketing buzz word that makes the product sound exciting. Although, when I tried to photograph this shade it was very difficult to capture the colour accurately even though I’m using a pretty decent SLR camera. These polishes are very multi-dimensional so perhaps there is something to the HD claim?Sally-Hanson-HD-Nail-Colour-06-Digital- nails

#06 Digital is a BRIGHT pink with lots of blue reflection (which sadly I couldn’t really get to show in the pictures no matter how many different angles, settings and lighting I tried.) The formula itself was very runny and thin, the pigmentation was also pretty lacking – it took me 3 coats to get full coverage and even then I could still see the free edge of my nail in some lights. However, once I achieved good coverage the shade itself was extremely vivid.Sally-Hanson-HD-Nail-Colour-06-Digital

The polish seemed to take ages too dry, perhaps this was because I over applied it due to the runniness of the formulation. I found it a little difficult to control when I was applying. The polish had a nice amount of reflection and shine but sadly it just didn’t wear too well on my nails. It’s not a polish range that I would revisit based on my experience with this particular shade. The HD collection contains 8 shades in total; spanning most primary and secondary colours.

The HD polishes retail for $16.95AUD which I feel is far too much considering the issues I had with the formula. Also for that price I expect more colour choice. If I were to fork out $17 for a polish I’d prefer to spend a few extra dollars and get an Essie or OPI polish at retail price.

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