Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Mad For Plaid REVIEW, Photos

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Mad For Plaid REVIEW, Photos :

My nails of the moment (NOTM) are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips in Mad For Plaid. To see pics and what I thought about these strips keep reading!Sally-Hansen-Salon-Effects-Real-Nail-Polish-Strips-in-Mad-For-Plaid-nails

My Thoughts about Sally Hansen Salon Effects Mad for Plaid Real Nail Polish Strips  :

You all know I’m a big fan of the Sally Hansen strips. I’ve done reviews on them in the past and wear them a LOT.  You also may know from my previous reviews that not every strip design is created equal. In my experience, some strips were thicker than others causing me to have trouble applying them. Well this particular design is actually quite thin! The problem I had with application of these strips is that once you laid it down on the nail, it stuck like cement and was impossible to try and pull back up to move if it was crooked. I had one disaster where I put the strip on crooked and when I tried to take it off and fix it, it ripped and half the strip was stuck to my nail already before I had even smoothed it out!  Good in one sense… haha!  So I had to use polish remover to get it off and buff my nail out and start over. Thankfully they give you enough in case a boo-boo like this happens.Sally-Hansen-Salon-Effects-Real-Nail-Polish-Strips-in-Mad-For-Plaid-nails  review

Because it was thin, it tore very easily. You can see this on my left thumbnail in the first top picture.  Once I experienced this, I was sure to apply the rest of my nails very carefully and very slowly. I applied a clear top coat of Seche Vite and this helped to “fix” the tear a bit and I experienced no further tearing. I’ve had them on almost a week now and they still look great!


  • Ulta
  • Sally Hansen Website
  • Most Drugstores
  • Retail $9.99US (prices may vary)

Have you tried these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips   yet? Which design(s) are your favorite?

Have a beautiful day!
Betty xx

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