Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up review

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail polish strips  in Laced Up review :

I’ve heard nothing but good things coming from the Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Real Nail Polish Strips range so I was very interested to see how they would look on my nails! I love Sally Hansen and many of their products have a permanent place in my beauty cupboard, and I had hoped this would be a new edition!


The range currently consists of 24 styles and I immediately fell in love with the pattern, Laced Up. The thing I adored most about this style was that each finger would look slightly different; lending it to look like a salon has spent hours on each individual nail.

Inside the box, you find 16 nail polish strips (if you make a mistake or need to patch up), a cuticle stick, a nail file and complete instructions to follow you through the process. The fact that they provide you with the tools are a great selling point for ladies who do not own these already at home. Not only do you get to have patterned nails, but tools that you can use to shape your nails in the future!

It took me a while to finish my two hands, but I think this was mainly due to it being my first time using them. It definitely was a lot quicker than waiting for my nails to dry and I was very impressed because I usually ruin nail polishes by touching them too early. Finally, an easy solution to painting my nails without the spills and having to repaint!

Sally Hansen claims these last up to 10 days, but I found them trying to peel off the next morning! I was really disappointed at this because I had done these for a special event and wanted them to last at least the weekend! Some of the strips inside the box weren’t as bonding as others (others have reported the same, faulty?) but I also think because I was a beginner in applying these, this contributed to the overall lasting effects. I learn better visually so this video on the Sally Hansen website made me realise my own mistakes and how I could improve next time.
Eight days on, some are still holding on tight with only a few chips which is tremendous because I have been doing some home-renos and a lot of cooking for Easter. On the flip side though, I’ve lost one whole hand of polish so I must get painting with some other Sally Hansen products before Easter Sunday! 

I love Sally Hansen nail products but I am a little disappointed about the results of these strips. Apart from the lasting time, I have had a lot of comments in the first few of days of wearing this pattern and a lot of people were surprised that it came from a strip. As this product is $14.95 it is not something that I would be purchasing every 10 days, but for special occasions I think it definitely something that will give you a lot of compliments!

Although this product did not give me the results I was hoping for the first time, I am interested in trying some of the other 24 styles. I may have just got some faulty strips and I also know now what I was doing wrong the first time round, you got to love video tutorials! I will definitely post a new Sally Hansen Salon Effects product review to share on my latest experience with this product, hopefully a better result!

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