Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty Review

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in Kitty Kitty  Review :

You may remember that a few months ago I did a product review on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up but I was on the fence about this new marvel. It did look fantastic but after the first day of placing it on my nails, it seemed to peel and look very unattractive. So I thought it was only fair to buy another pack and give it another go. I do believe that last time I did not follow instructions so well and that I may have had a faulty pack, so second time round I hoped things to be different.
After carefully reading the instructions, I was amazed how gorgeous my nails looked one I had placed the gorgeous leopard inspired print, Kitty Kitty on my nails. I instantly liked this more than Laced Up which I had bought a few months prior because it seemed more exciting and it easily patched up with more strips – without the risk of making it look like a patched job.
 This product may sound quicker than painting your nails, but I have to disagree. It look me a long time to do both of my hands but that aspect did not bother me because I had a Lush face mask and this was for a special occasion so extra time was needed. I would not apply this as a time saving product but for the special effects/patterns, it is by far something for a special occasion!


 Last time, my manicure started to fault only after a few hours of wear but I do believe that was due to my lack of instruction understanding and also my pack wasn’t bonding correctly with my nails. Since applying Kitty Kitty on Monday (Day Four) , I am happy to announce that it has not peeled from my left hand and looks as great as the day I did it. My right hand however has suffered a few light chips, but they were easily fixed with the remaining strips.

I would definitely buy this product again after my currently experience because I also touch my manicure before it is dry, so this saves me a lot of time of having to remove and reapply. I also love the comments from wearing these patterns, and many and surprised when I say they are strips and not nail art done from my own hand. Thank you Sally Hansen for releasing such a great product for people who are manicure ruiners!

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