Safari Inspired Fashion Style

Originally a style for the purpose of going on safari in the African bush, the safari style became a fashion trend and style after it was introduced by well-known designers in their collections in the mid-1960s. Basically, safari clothing is comfortable with lightweight and breathable fabric that is great for casual street looks. More than that, safari style is versatile as it is composed of neutral and earth shades.

Aside from blending in with nature around you, there are reasons why safari fashion style rooted of earthy and muted colors. For instance, wearing white increases your visibility to wildlife but it can startle the animals because they reflect light. Dark, royal blues, red, and black clothing attract flies and bugs and there’s no bug repellant you can use to keep them away so cover up and avoid those colors. On the other hand, khaki, brown, olive, and tan, offer the advantage of concealing dirt and dust while walking on a safari.

brown safari top

fur skirt olive jacket gray pockets coat

When aiming for a safari fashion style, it’s important to pick the shades correctly. Earthy shades such as brown, gray, olive, khaki, and orange are perfect. Also, natural range of tones and materials such as cotton, leather, suede, or even fur adds dimension and interest to your looks. In case you don´t feel like carrying a bag, all of the pockets on safari vests, shirts, dress, coats, and jackets are definitely fashionable and functional as it can accommodate everything such as wallets, keys, a lipstick – without adding bulk to your hips or chest. But if you have a well-endowed bust, be mindful of the patch pockets on the chest, and stacking things there to avoid additional volume.

boots safari safari dress

Shirtdresses are another excellent reflection of the safari style. As for the dressy safari style, you need to be moderate and simple for where the length of the dresses is supposed to be somewhere on the knees. Also, small leather belts are often worn to add some shape. Footwear options for the safari style aim for comfort. Knee-length boots, sandals, wedges and such are perfect for nailing the look.

denim and suede shorts olive skirt red beltsafari jumpsuit wide legged shorts

For a relaxed and sexy take on safari style, team your top with shorts or a skirt. Wide legged shorts or pants that come with relaxed forms are comfortable and chic at the same time. Jumpsuits may be also included in the range of options. Just note that all the garments with pockets usually belong to this style.

animal print layer backpack layered coat layered pieces layered pants

The art of layering pieces can still be applied to safari fashion style. Just stick to the earth tones such as olive, khaki, tan, brown, gray, and such to keep the theme going. Opt for safari pocket styles and even animal prints to give some dimension to your style.

brown belt safari animal print scarf safari bag safari hat

Moving forward, a wide-brimmed safari hat and a scarf will shield you on scorching hot afternoons and keep you fashionable at the same time. You may pick a handbag and a belt that correspond to the colors of your garments to keep the safari style you’re aiming for.




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